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How to Choose a Perfect Site for Wooden Carport

Wooden building is a representation of style and elegance and they are symbol of a natural lifestyle. The wooden carport if not constructed properly can hamper the unique style and beauty of your wooden carport. It is also important to determine the material that should be used to construct a wooden carport. The most appropriate material for a carport to make it look compatible with your log cabin is wood. A good quality timber can give the right look and style to your wooden carport and helps contribute positively to the beauty of your cabin.

While constructing your carport, it is important to understand the perfect location for it. Carports are not garages. They do not have four walls and are not completely covered and yet they provide safety to your car from natural elements such as sunlight, rain and dust. The site for your wooden carport will depend upon the construction and structure of your cabin. If you also have a garden around your cabin, then you must identify the right spot for your carport so that it allows for an easy access and yet does not affect your garden.

Periodic maintenance activities

Cars parked inside the wooden carport would require periodic maintenance activities such as repairing and washing. Therefore, constructing a carport near your garden is not advisable. You can choose a site at the rear of your log cabin if you do not have a large empty space outside your cabin. The rear wall of the cabin can be used to support the roof of the carport and also cover it from one of the sites.

This will result in requiring only two additional pillars for supporting the roof of the carport since the two other sides are supported by the wall and the attached pillars of your log cabin wall.

If space permits and you have sufficient area outside your log cabin, you can construct a carport away from the house and the adjoining garden and near the entrance of your property. This will ensure that the cars are parked at a little distance from your home and garden and the pollutants from the car do not mix with the fresh air.

It will also allow for an easy access to drive the cars out without having to drive them around your cabin. Such carports that are at a distance from your cabin are easy to construct and maintain since their construction and maintenance activities will not affect your cabin or the garden around it.

Designs of wooden carports

Based upon your spot, you can identify the structure and design of your carport. Irrespective of the fact that whether your carport is at a distance from your cabin or attached to it, you need to ensure that it has an easy access. If it is connected to one of the walls of the log cabin, you can have a door that opens into the carport from within the house.

Another important point for consideration is that the spot that you choose for constructing your carport must have and even base and there should not be any mud around it. If you wash your car inside your carport, the mud around it can get wet. It is good to have a concrete base for your carport.

Also the carport must be at a location where there would not be any instances of water logging. You can have it connected to the drain pipes so that any water in the carport area goes directly into the drain and is not spilt elsewhere around it.

Distance from your garden

Also based on the location of your carport and the space around it, you can choose the type of the door for the carport. You can have either an up and over door or double doors that open to the front of the garage. The style of the door depends on the design of the carport, available space in front of it and your preference. You must also check the quality and strength of the soil on which the carport is to be constructed. The sand underneath the carport must be able to support the structure of the carport as well as must be able to bear the weight of the cars parked in it.

Number of cars is important

There are multitudes of designs available for wooden carports and based on the number of cars, you can choose the design. Identification of the spot for the carport also depends upon the number of cars. If for example you need space for parking two cars and you want them to be parked parallel to each other; you must identify a rectangular spot that has enough width for two cars while also allowing for sufficient space between them. These are little elements that require due consideration while identifying a perfect spot for your carport.

Few critical elements to be remembered while finding the right spot for the carport include sufficient distance from your garden, ease of access, good quality and even base, quality of the soil under the area where carport is to be constructed, how many cars you want to park and how do you want to park them and the available space around your log cabin.

Apart from these, the style of the carport you would like to have, its design, proximity to the entrance and exit and other little factors must be evaluated while you finalise a spot for the carport.

There are several factors that affect the decision of identifying the perfect spot for your wooden carport. One of the most important factor that influences the decision to identify a specific spot is the security of your cars. Your cars need due protection from the harmful elements of the weather. It must be at a spot that has sufficient cover from the wind and dust. It means if you live in an area where the wind generally blows from the east, try to identify a spot for the carport that will have a cover on the side from where the wind blows. This will help protect it from the dust.

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