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Reviews from People Living in a Log Cabin

Log structures are now icons of American architecture and unlike in previous decades when log homes were more popular in Russia, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe, they have become more and more popular in the US in recent years. Thus, living in a log cabin is becoming a trend among Americans with varying lifestyles and age brackets. Modern log homes are diverse with numerous sizes and styles to choose from and just like any home investment they are also financially demanding. So, before you embark on purchasing a log home, make sure you discover the important facts about log cabins, including reviews from people who are currently log home owners.


What do people say about living in a log cabin?

Word of mouth is one of the most reliable and accurate ways to know about log homes. Most contractors and builders of log structures have official websites. You can check for the testimonial page on their website and browse the feedback that people leave. Make sure that the comments and feedbacks of people who are living in a log cabin are authentic and unbiased.

Take a look at some of the reviews of people, based on popular online comments from various forums and group discussions:

“My Log Cabin is the Perfect Getaway.”

For one log cabin owner, purchasing and living in a log cabin is a dream come true. He uses it for a weekend, and even weekday getaway. One of the best features of a log structure is that it can be situated anywhere you want. You can construct a log cabin right behind your primary home, making it a separate building, yet not that far from home. However, for most people, living in a log cabin means taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Thus, it serves as a remarkable getaway far from your busy urban life.

“Living in a log cabin gives me the chance to energize my spirit anew.”

You can permanently or temporarily live in your log home, whichever you feel suits your needs. For one owner, invigorating her spirit is possible if she spends time in her log home. Most log cabins are built in the heart of a forest, wood, or just near a lake or river. Being this close to nature is a rejuvenating experience. Thus, if you want to recharge your batteries and increase your energy level after a tiring routine, consider living in a log cabin.


“I enjoy my favourite recreational activities such as gardening and art crafts.”

There are pastimes that just don’t seem to fit with your primary home in the city. You can pursue your favourite recreational activities and become more productive in the perfect venue. For a log home owner, gardener, and arts enthusiasts, living in a garden cabin is the best move. Indulge in your gardening activities around a log cabin that is located deep in the forest or woods. Log homes that are used as temporary living areas can also accommodate your art pursuits. Going to your log cabin for your art works and crafts gives you enough space and avoids any distractions.

If there are positive reviews about living in a log cabin, some log home owners also encounter not so pleasant experiences. Here are the drawbacks that most people note regarding log home living:

“Termites, ants, and other insects are everywhere.”

One log cabin owner complains about insect infestation in his log home. Log homes are generally made from wood materials and wood is attractive to insects. They feed on them and make their homes inside the wood. Although this can be a problem when living in a log cabin, it is also avoidable. Log or wood treatment prior to construction of the structure is important in order to make it safe from insect infestation.

“The logs tend to crack and pop.”

One thing to understand about logs or wood is that they are changeable materials. When you are living in a log cabin, you will notice changes in the logs, especially when your cabin is new. One log cabin owner experienced having cracked logs or logs that pop out in her log home. These are natural tendencies of logs, especially when exposed to the elements and changes in temperature. It is comforting to know that the logs will eventually go back to their original look once they mature or react to the different temperature around them.


“Wiring my log home to electricity is complicated.”

This is undoubtedly one of the most common complaints of log cabin owners. People who live in a log cabin mainly want to unplug from the world, however, if you don’t want that type of extreme disconnection from the digital world, electricity, of course, is important. Moreover, you need an electricity supply in order to operate your household appliances inside the log home. The challenge however is that it is quite difficult to install your electrical and utility system, especially if you’re in the middle of nowhere. There are alternatives to electricity supply, such as generators and other devices.

Finding the Right Log Home Contractor

The phase of living in a log cabin is just the end of the journey of building and owning a log home. The first step to take is to find and hire a log cabin expert for the job. There are lots of log cabin contractors available today. The secret is to choose a licensed and proven log home company. People also leave reviews and feedback for these companies. Before hiring a contractor, make sure you also have enough references to check in order to make the right choice.


A lot of people consider living in a log cabin a dream come true. Log homes are no longer luxuries that are exclusively for the rich and affluent. Nowadays, you can find various log cabins that are well within your budget. You have options for packages that strike a balance between affordable and quality log homes. Call a log home specialist now!

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