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How to Revamp The Exterior of An Insulated Log Cabin

Insulation is essential for a log cabin, especially if you want to use your cabin all year round. This applies to studios, home offices, workshops and many more uses. Insulation helps in keeping the cabin warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Though logs are quite good thermal insulators themselves, by insulating a log house you ensure a more comfortable living environment and it helps you cut down on your utility bills. Moreover, these days the energy efficiency of a building and environmental issues are very important due to increasing heating costs as well as more strict construction requirements.

Now, when it comes to insulating a log cabin it can be done either by covering the external walls of the house, both from the inside or from the outside, using an extra layer of insulation material, which in turn will be covered with a wind barrier and moisture and log panels. This method has numerous advantages. Firstly, the external insulation layer allows the log house to be built in highly populated areas; secondly it doesn’t just help improve the overall insulation of the log cabin but also maintains the natural ventilation of the air without any requirement of forced air-intake. Finally and most importantly is the ecological nature of this solution, that is, the use of modern insulation materials with natural pine is completely ecological and houses built using this technique are actually warm.

Techniques like chinking, caulking and a number of insulation materials like spray foam insulation etc. affect the aesthetics of the exterior log walls adversely. When you apply sealants on the walls of the log cabin, they can be seen clearly between the logs. In such instances, it is extremely important that you don’t leave the exterior of the insulated log cabin unfinished or untouched. It is crucial that you apply some type of stain or paint to give the exterior of the log house a nice, similar and uniform look. Staining or painting the walls of the residential log house from the outside not only enhances the beauty and appeal of your log house, but also provides it with protection from harsh and damaging UV rays, extreme atmospheric conditions and pests.

A huge variety of stains are available on the market, providing safety from a number of dangerous and harmful elements, helping you increase the life of your log house and decreasing its maintenance requirements. If you own a log cabin that is not insulated then you can easily take care of the insulation by yourself. Installing insulation in a log cabin is very easy and quick. Just choose the appropriate type of insulation depending on the area your live in, clean the walls, fix the insulation material carefully and stain the house once the insulation material is all set and in place.

Furthermore, if you are looking for an alternative that is simple, effective as well as ensuring the beauty and aesthetics of your log house, then you can consider installing insulation boards. Insulation boards are known for their excellent thermal efficiency, which results in lower operational costs. Also, they are lightweight and easy to handle, so if you plan to insulate your log house on your own, then this makes it easier to achieve, and if you plan to get it done by a professional, then the fast and easy installation helps lower the labour costs. Insulation boards also help in reducing noise.

Exterior cladding is another technique to make your log house thermally insulated. Cladding is a log home owner’s preferred choice when it comes to insulation as it not only helps insulate the log cabin but also adds more beauty to the exterior of the log house. When it comes to exterior cladding, various options are available, including but not limited to stone, texture, wood, tiles, metal and more. Depending on your needs you can choose the best cladding and insulate as well as improve your log cabin. It forms a protective layer of materials and separates the building’s interior and structure from exterior elements like weather and sound.

On the other hand, if we talk about the exteriors of insulated log cabins that are now available on the market, then these cabins not only have the best quality and efficient insulation but they also look extremely eye-catching and lovely. Generally, manufacturers of log cabins use insulation boards to make their structures well insulated. In addition, double-glazed windows are installed which help achieve better insulation. These cabins have a very nice exterior look and you won’t feel the need to do anything to improve the exterior of the log house. Nonetheless, you can use exterior decorating tips to make your log house look exceptionally beautiful and appealing.

So, when considering insulation for your log cabin, remember that depending on the insulation type, prices also differ. So, it is crucial that you research your options beforehand and choose an insulation material that is effective, giving your house a nice look as well as complying with your budgetary levels. Some people think that an insulated log cabin exterior is not pleasing on the eye or takes away the look and feel of the log house; however, the facts do not bear this out. Every individual who owns a log house should consider insulation.

Moreover, to make your residential log home more beautiful, you should use exterior decorating tips. For example, you can consider installing a shed or shutters on the windows, install planters or a durable, sturdy and attractive looking garage door (if you are going to use the cabin as a garage). Also, by choosing the exterior stain or paint wisely, you can increase the beauty of your insulated log cabin. To retain the natural look, the best thing that you can do is choose a stain that matches the colour of your wood. So, go ahead and use these simple and effective techniques to insulate and enrich your log cabin and make your surroundings cosy and comfortable, all this without burning a hole in your pocket or paying heavy utility bills or investing in heating and cooling equipment.

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