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Residential Log Cabin Windows: The Best Suitable Opening Mechanism

Choosing the best residential log cabin window is not a piece of cake; in fact, it is one of the most daunting and challenging tasks you will ever make, especially without the right guidance and recommendation. There are numerous options for the windows and window treatments of your log home and sometimes these overwhelming choices can leave you more confused than ever. It helps to know the different features of these windows, specifically their opening mechanisms, to determine if they are the perfect fit for your residential log cabin.


Types of Windows for Your Residential Log Cabin

There are traditional windows with their corresponding opening mechanism and new and more innovative ones with more advanced methods of operations. Check out the different window types for today’s log houses and see which one suit you best:

Jalousie Windows

Wooden houses and structures often look best with classic and traditional jalousie windows, which have been around for quite some time now. The louvers of the windows open easily with a mechanical lever at the side and this also allows the window to close tightly. Jalousies are ideal for sunrooms, porches, and other log homes in regions where there are temperate climates or mild winters. This window type could be installed side by side and the different glass material options or cedar slats would surely spruce up the looks of your residential log cabin. These windows offer both panoramic views and customized ventilation.

Awning Windows

The mechanism of this window type is to just turn the handle and open the window in an outward direction or close it using the opposite direction. The window is hinged at the top and this design enables airflow inside the log home while blocking the entry of rain or falling leaves. You can also have screens installed, which are basically inside in order to ensure more protection from the elements. In conventional houses, awning windows are used for lower levels of the house such as the basement but a residential log cabin could also look great with this type. The benefit of using awning windows is the ease and convenience of use and the smaller size compared to casements, sliders, and double hung.


Casement Windows

The design of this window is basically hinged at the side with an opening mechanism similar to that outward direction when you open a door. A residential log cabin will benefit from this window aesthetic as it looks more like a picture window due to its no-railing design. There are casement windows that usually have simple push-open mechanism while the most common uses a hand crank, with the latter being preferable for installing over a sink, appliance or countertop.

Horizontal Sliders

One of the easiest opening mechanisms that would go well with your residential log cabin is the horizontal slider type, as you only need to slide the window to the left or right to allow in fresh air or natural light. Most log home owners choose sliding horizontal windows over their crank-style counterparts because they do not protrude when you open and close the unit, making it a great option for rooms that are facing the patio, porch, or walkway. There are single and double sliders that work, depending on the amount of space that you allocate in your residential log cabin.

Garden Windows

A residential log cabin with a garden window is more functional as this window type may also serve as your log home’s little greenhouse. The window is installed with side ventilation so that you no longer need to open or close the unit that also comes with uniquely designed shelves for the pots and plants. The garden window is very useful for the kitchen where you can put little herbs that you can easily access and use for your cooking or food preparation. This window type offers more natural light, convenience, and airflow to the residential log cabin.


Log homes would also look great with the function and aesthetic appeal of skylights, in which a residential log cabin would maintain its privacy without sacrificing the ventilation, light, and space. Skylight windows are remarkable additions to your log house, strategically installed on the ceiling in order to bring in more light or additional outdoor views of the sky. Most skylights have crank-type opening mechanisms which conveniently open and close for hassle-free access.


Single or Double Hung Windows

Install a single or double hung window for your residential log cabin and see the best of easy opening and closing mechanisms with this conventional window type. Single hung windows are also known as sash windows, and open through an easy slide-up mechanism. It is the bottom sash that is the movable part of the window, allowing air flow and ventilation inside the room. Double hung windows, on the other hand, are also good options for your residential log cabin. This type of window is also referred to as a double tilting sash window and operates from the top or bottom sash, which slides up and down. Both single and double hung windows open or close without protruding, thus they are ideal types for rooms or spaces that face porches, patios, and walkways.

Picture Windows

One of the most practical window types for log homes is the picture window as it gives you optimal access to natural light and the panoramic views of the outdoors. This window type is fixed and does not open, thus it is usually installed in places or areas that are hard to reach or beyond easy access. A residential log cabin would certainly stand out from the inside out with windows that also serve as your portrait that showcases the breathtaking backdrops of nature around your log house. It has good access of natural light and would work best in areas with cold temperature.


The different residential log cabin windows have their unique and distinct features that would certainly improve your cosy haven. Know the different designs of today’s windows with their opening mechanisms to see which one is your perfect match.

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