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Residential Log Cabin Trends in the UK in 2017

A residential log cabin is a real icon in the real estate niche both in the past and now. Thus, there are new trends developing, especially for log homes in the UK this coming 2017. From their first existence in the 1700s to the present, log cabins have evolved into remarkable structures that will certainly be a significant part of the housing trend now and in the future.Residential-Log-Cabin-in-2017

Wooden structures have become the best options for those who want to invest in secondary or holiday homes. However, they are also considered investment properties that could help you augment your income through rental means. The sky is the limit when it comes to log home trends and possibilities in the coming years.

2017 Residential Log Cabin Predictions

There is nothing old and outdated with today’s log houses because every year, new designs are introduced to make this investment even more exciting. Whether you are buying a log house for your secondary or holiday home or a primary residence, your choices are limitless and it is going to stay that way for years to come.

A residential log cabin could take various designs, shapes, and styles but the exterior and interior spaces must always have equal looks that boost the aesthetic and appeal of the structure, inside and out. There are various trends regarding the log home in the year 2016 that will continue to dominate and capture log house owners in 2017.


Wrapped Porches

One of the most amazing and contemporary features of a residential log cabin in 2016 is the wrapped porch or porch that virtually wraps or covers the entire cabin from side to side. This amazing feature is the latest trend that will absolutely maintain a great spot in the log home design scale. Porches are also accentuated with different furniture types such as wicker chairs and tables. You can have the furniture pieces placed at different locations around the cabin, since the porches are constructed from all sides. Most wrap porches have oval shapes regardless of the log home shape.

The Kitchen Garden

A residential log cabin would definitely get the curb appeal boost it needs with a kitchen garden that has colourful blooms all over. Many UK residents are also switching to a more health-conscious lifestyle and this type of log home feature is a great option. Kitchen gardens could feature a wide array of organic veggies and herbs that would certainly make a good addition to the view as well as to your health in general.


The Landscaped Garden

Gardens are perennially associated with a residential log cabin and this tendency is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Log homes and landscaped gardens are inseparable and there are only changes with the themes and the styles of the garden from one year to another. In 2017, more oriental and exotic themes for the landscapes are highly preferred such as Japanese Zen gardens. Others prefer a monochromatic look while blooms and floral features are always the crème de la crème of gardens.

The Garden Ponds

Log homes are linked to the serenity and tranquillity of nature and adding a garden pond for your residential log cabin is a no-brainer. Build a garden pond and accentuate it with a lot of furniture or matching pieces that boost the rustic and laidback design of this cabin feature. Garden ponds are the trendiest thing you can ever incorporate in your log house exterior layout.

One of the most important things to consider when planning for a garden pond is the space availability, particularly in the garden or backyard. Larger gardens can accommodate a much bigger centrepiece such as a fountain and this is one of the known tendencies for log houses in 2017. Smaller gardens could look best with a much smaller pond that you can visually access from the porch or any exterior spaces around the residential log cabin. Make sure you keep the water clean and fresh in the pond so as to avoid any mosquitoes or diseases that are water-borne.


A Porch that Faces the Lake

For log homes that have access to lakes and other bodies of water, building a porch could maximize and make good use of this breathtaking backdrop. Take advantage of the panoramic view and add a lake-facing porch to your residential log cabin. You can definitely enjoy the wonders of nature as you lounge at the porch overlooking or near the lake. It is a refreshing and ideal feature for your log home that will also boost its market or property value. The trend for 2017 is adding more security measures such as safety railings and similar features especially if you have young children or pets around.

Intricate Cabin Stairways

As for the interiors of the residential log cabin, one of the most exciting trends for log homes in the UK this 2017 is the integration of intricate, amazing stair systems. Your log house is definitely going to have a revamp as you spruce it up with prominent stairway designs that range from spiral, sweeping, curved, straight, and custom-made types. The sky’s the limit when choosing the best stairway system for your log house.

Intricate -stairways-in-residential-log-cabin

Low-Impact Design

Sustainable and energy efficient log houses are the in demand trend this year. A residential log cabin ought to have a green and sustainable element in order to stay functional and aesthetically appealing. There are native species that you can incorporate in your landscaping as well as permeable pavements and other highly recommended eco-friendly features. Integrate water features in the landscape and use recyclable or reusable materials in the overall design in order to reduce your carbon footprint and boost the sustainable side of the cabin.

There are many other trends for a residential log cabin in the UK for the year 2017. All you have to do is start your research into the best options to spruce up your log house investment. You can also find professional log home contractors that specialize in the trendiest and newest log houses.

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