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A Residential Log Cabin Interior with Various Shades of Green

The shades of green have always been associated with nature so it’s no wonder that a residential log cabin with a green-themed interior design is a no-brainer. Log home owners make their indoors an extension of the natural breathtaking backdrop outside their cabin. Green is a diverse and fun shade that makes your log home decorating even more exciting. The possibilities are endless when searching for the best green-themed log cabin interior design.


Explore the Greens for your Residential Log Cabin

The varieties of green technically differ in saturation or intensity, hue, and lightness. They may also vary in tone, brightness, and value. There is nothing absolute when it comes to the green family. You can find green colours with a mix of other colours that create a much larger spectrum. Thus, in decorating your residential log cabin with various shades of green, you need to know exactly what you are looking for.

Nature’s Green

Green is a rampant colour found in nature. This means you can find it anywhere you go. The shade is a dominant colour you can find in plants. Mainly all plants are green or have a hint of this particular shade. That’s because of chlorophyll, a complex chemical that is present in plants. It is also in the plant kingdom where you can find astounding inspiration of greens for your log house design.

Here are some of the greens you can find in nature:

   *  Asparagus. Based on the vegetable of the same name, this tone of green is present in the famous crayon brand, Crayola.  Asparagus green, as it is also referred to, was included in the Crayola set in 1993. The hint was also featured in the classic 1949 movie, Sands of Iwo Jiwa.

   *  Avocado. Avocado green is a common colour that is used for metal surfaces such as household appliances and automobiles. The representation of this shade is the outer surface of the fruit. Thus, it features the dark yellow-green colour. In the 1970s, the green shade was quite popular for shag carpets that you can also use for your residential log cabin.


   *  Light Green. As the name implies, this shade is of light tint and represents environmentalism. The light green environmentalism term is quite popular among activists and synonymous to greenwashing.

Other Popular Greens

You can choose to have a dominant green theme for your residential log cabin or just some hints of this shade here and there. It would actually depend on the preference and need of the log home owner. However, green still has the same impact no matter how many or how few the accents you use.

Check out the list of highly preferred green shades that are perfect for your log home theme:

   *  Bottle Green. This dark green palette is quite similar to the green shades of pine. It represents the colour of a green glass bottle. The branded Prisma colour marker uses the bottle green colour in its marker and pencil set. Most law enforcement uniforms in Europe adapted this type of green shade. Street name and guide signs in the United States are also bottle green in colour.

   *  Emerald. The famous gemstone also has its counterpart in the colouring world. Emerald green is the tone that has a light and bright palette with a cast of faint bluish colour. The typical appearance of the gemstone is basically the inspiration of this shade of green.


   *  Green Yellow. This is the official colour of a Crayola shade which blends the shades of green and yellow. The result is a web colour that is also a light shade of chartreuse. It is a cool shade that you can use in the bedroom and other areas in the residential log cabin.

Great Design Ideas for Green-Themed Log Homes

Green is a versatile shade that could revamp your residential log cabin and improve its value and aesthetic.  You just need to know how it could work and maximize the power of the shades of green in your log home.

Green Entryway

A green entryway that leads to the stairs of your log home makes a visual trick. In fact, painting your walls green opens up the room and expands the space. It also works for small spaces in the log home which you can paint with muted green colours. It expands the small rooms and brightens the surroundings.

Classic Green Country Kitchen

Turn your kitchen into a timeless country-themed space with a dash of green here and there. Contemporary interior designs typically use the colour sage and combine it with lighter hues such as cream for the cabinetry. Green shades naturally works and blends with other elements in the kitchen such as a marble backsplash and butcher block countertop.


Decadent Dining in Green

Just like the kitchen, the dining space in your residential log cabin can have a tweak of green here and there. You can mix and match shades of green for the walls. Green accents for the chair, table, windows or cupboard make the room cosy, clean, fresh, and rustic.

Bathe with Green

The residential log cabin bathroom update takes on a fresh route when you paint the walls and ceiling with cool pear green or other shades. Put some dash of green in other elements of the bathroom such as the sink, mirror or medicine cabinet. Green could be a graphic counterpoint in a simple bathroom in your log home.

Vibrant Green Living Room

Bright green shades could certainly transform your living area. Use yarn-dyed upholstery fabric in mint green or green pastel to make the ambiance cool and vibrant. You can match the linens on the walls with green-accentuated décor and furniture. Put some green plants or herbs inside the residential log cabin living room for that nature-inspired finish.


Explore countless more possibilities with the touch of green to decorate your residential log cabin with. You can make a room more unique than the rest or use the same shades of green all over the log home.

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