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Residential Log Cabin in France by Our Customer

residential log cabin with a terraceMr Jardine was looking for a residential cabin in the countryside in France that was big enough for his large family to relax in during the weekends. We advised Mr Jardine to get the residential cabin Hymer with 66mm walls. And it was a great choice indeed as Mr Jardine wanted to have two separate bedrooms and one large living room for the whole family to hang out in during breakfast or summer evenings on the terrace. cabin exteriorThe solid 66mm double tongue & groove profiled walls ensured both the solidity and the natural insulation of  the residential log cabin. Meanwhile, thanks to the reinforced roof construction, the whole structure remains safe regardless of any storms or other possible natural happenings. doors and windows We want to thank Mr Jardine for the photos he has send to us. Please see more pictures of residential log cabin installation process below. foundation makingfoundation2building materialsbuilding constructionsinternal structureexterior constructionspreparation for roofalmost completed log cabinworking with a log cabin exteriorwindows with shuttersfinished log cabinthe system of log cabin water pipesleft side of a log cabina landscape outside the log cabincelebration

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