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Our Residential Log Cabin in the Garden (Alan and Dee)

After falling in love with a derelict house being sold at auction, we decided to be brave and bid. Overjoyed at winning the house we needed an immediate solution to the problem of how do we live for the two years while work commenced, we knew a caravan was not on option for us, even though we had lots of garden. We settled on a wooden house and searched the internet. Quick Garden gave us the perfect answer. The team were wonderful from our first tentative contact. Although there were no show properties or sales people to visit, they introduced us to a customer close by with the style of cabin we were interested in. This was more helpful and useful than you could imagine. We gained a true and unbiased insight into this expensive purchase, this was so much better than talking to a sales person.

edited1Having made this visit we decided that we definitely wanted to go ahead. Even better, the cabin plans available online were only a starting point, we could move walls, doors, add windows, go larger, go smaller, nothing was out of the question, nothing was too much trouble. We were sent plans and elevations that incorporated our ideas and were able to ask for further changes. We placed our order knowing exactly what to expect. We even added a small room to one side as a utility and plant room a little while in, after the order was placed. All we needed now, was to get the ground prepared and organise water and electricity supplies, ready for the cabin.


The cabin arrived and was quickly followed by the build team. To our amazement the building was completed in three and a half days. The guys were great allowing our plumber to work alongside them, and I painted the exterior as the work progressed. Another week, our temporary home was ready for us. Everything was so easy, so efficient. There is nothing to complain about, only compliments.


We have lived here now for a year and a half. It has been a dream, we are warm and comfortable, with lots of space. It has made the experience of renovating and refurbishing our house so much easier than we could have ever have thought possible, truth be told, we will miss our cosy retreat when we move into our log house.


Everyone that has visited us, cannot believe how fantastic the cabin is, how warm it is, how much space we have, that there are no real compromises to our living standards, we even have a dishwasher! The cabin looks so good, that many people have driven in to ask us about it as we live in Cornwall, they hope they can rent it. Our grown-up kids cannot wait for us to vacate, as they are looking forward to lengthy, comfortable and independent lazy days. Like us they look forward to watching the sunset from the cabin with a long cool glass of wine.

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