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Which Residential Log Cabin Floor Plan to Choose?

Are you thinking about the right floor plan for your residential log cabin? Here, you can get the help you need to bring your dreams and ideas closer to reality. The following are different types of floor plans that will be ideal for you depending on your personal taste and preference.


Solid Wood Flooring

There are three major types of solid wood flooring and each type is available in a pre-finished and unfinished version. Generally, the unfinished type needs to be sanded onsite and immediately finished after installation. On the other hand, pre-finished solid wood flooring comes already sanded and finished. This means that it is ready to install the moment it has been delivered to you. Here are the three major types of solid wood flooring:

1. Parquet Flooring

Compared to typical hardwoods, a parquet floor usually comes with a different look. It is commonly made of geometrical patterns which are composed of individual wood slats held in place by an adhesive or mechanical fastener.

2. Strip Flooring

This type of solid wood flooring is emphasized by the width and thickness of the wood planks.  It usually comes with a set width but thickness commonly varies. Thickness of a strip ranges from 5/16 inch to ¾ inch wide. It is available in widths such as 1.5 inches, 2 inches and 2.25 inches.

3. Plank Flooring

Plank flooring is another type of solid wood flooring for a residential cabin that only comes with two levels of thickness. Unlike strip flooring, the widths are known to vary most of the time. Plank flooring is only available in thickness that measures ½ inch and ¾ inch with widths ranging from 3 inches to 8 inches.


Engineered Wood Flooring

As far as flooring plan for your residential log cabin is concerned, engineered wood flooring can be the perfect option. However, you have to take note that engineered flooring is often mistaken as laminated wood flooring. Don’t get confused with the two. Engineered wood flooring is usually made by way of adhering multiple plastic layers, usually made of laminate veneer with authentic wood, whilst laminate flooring does not contain actual wood.

Acrylic-Impregnated Wood Flooring

This type of wood flooring is commonly infused with colour and sealant all throughout the wood’s thickness. This means that the finish that you can see on the wood surface is actually consistent and present throughout the wood. This type of wood flooring is commonly used in commercial spaces. However, it can also be a good choice for the floor plan of your residential cabin. In most cases, you are free to use any type of wood flooring to get the kind of aesthetic beauty and appeal you want for your log cabin.


According to wood floor professionals and experts, once an acrylic-impregnated floor is installed, it is very difficult to spot the difference between a solid wood and other types of wood floors. While solid wood strip floor is the most common option among cabin owners, we cannot deny the fact that engineered wood floors have also become extremely popular because of their low and affordable costs.

What’s Your Choice?

So, which among the three types of wood flooring do you wish to have for the flooring plan of your residential log cabin? The fact is that there are several important things that you need to keep in mind when opting for an appropriate type of wood flooring. For example, solid woods are known to eat up much of your time for their upkeep, while engineered wood does not. However, solid woods can be re-sanded and refinished whenever needed.


When a solid wood floor is properly maintained, it gives you the opportunity to come up with a wood floor that comes with a retained value, something that you cannot achieve when you make use of an engineered floor.  Moreover, taking the time to decide on what particular type of wood floor you should use for your residential log cabin’s floor plan is a question of taste. If you want long and thin wood planks for your flooring, then you should opt for strip-type wood flooring.

If your preference is the appearance of very wide wood planks then you can go for plank flooring. Now if you want something that exudes a decorative look and appeal then you can always go for parquet flooring. However, you have to take note that using plank flooring for your residential log cabin requires extra work during its installation and it can be more expensive compared to strip wood flooring.

Realizing Your Floor Plan

Installing the kind of flooring you want for your residential log cabin can be very tricky. In fact, this job is not for those who do not have the knowledge or skills in the field of building and construction. Therefore, it is highly advised that you should seek the help of a professional contractor. With this kind of professional, you can have someone with whom you can rely on when it comes to your flooring plans. This person can provide suggestions that can help you push through with your project, allowing you to come up with the right option for your flooring plan.


Where to Find a Flooring Contractor?

If you look around, you will discover that flooring contactors are in great abundance. They can be found either online or elsewhere. If you want to make your search convenient, then you should go down the online path. Through online searching, you will be able to find as many flooring contractors as possible, allowing you to compare one with another. With the aid of comparison, you will be able to see the things that make these contractors similar and also different from one another. After such a comparison, you will also be able to eliminate the ones that do not meet your needs and preferences. The one that remains on your list will be the best contractor that can help you out with the right flooring plan for your residential log cabin.

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