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Residential Log Cabin Alex - Perfect For Cosy Time In Nature.

Residential Cabin Alex is the perfect example of what should be an excellent log cabin for your garden or any other place covered with natural elements such as trees and flowers. One of the main advantages of this cabin is that it can be used for several purposes.


If you install in the garden outside your home, the Residential Cabin Alex becomes even more useful. It can be utilised as a guesthouse to allow your guests the experience of living in a log cabin and enjoy the surrounding nature. Alternately, it can be used as a shed or a storeroom for garden tools. In addition, you can also use it as a summer home.

Made from the elegant and premium quality slow growing Nordic pine or Scandinavian spruce, the cabin offers efficient natural insulation to keep the interiors cool in summer. Another feature of this cabin is the ability to choose the number of rooms. It can be built according to your requirements, and you can decide whether you would like to have two or three rooms.

The uniqueness of its design isn’t just limited to the interior of the home. It also has a spacious veranda where you can sit and relax on a lazy afternoon reading a book or even taking a nap. You also have the option to install a mezzanine floor if you wish, which will further increase the area, meaning you can accommodate more people or things in the cabin.



Roof and Floor

The roof and floor of the house constitute 20mm thickness tongue and groove boards. For additional roof covering, roofing felt or bitumen shingles can be added, which further helps to improve the insulation. For the roof’s stability, 60mm roof joists are used.


The area needed for installing this residential log cabin is 36 square metres. The total roof area is 58 square metres. The roof has an overhang area of 170cm. The house has external dimensions of 600cm width and 600cm depth. The area of the veranda is 200cm. The internal dimensions are 571cm X 571cm width and depth respectively, plus veranda space of 200cm, with the walls having a thickness of 44mm. The eaves have a height of 227cm, and the ridge has a height of 400cm. The high ridge height makes it convenient to have an additional mezzanine floor on top of the primary structure.


Wood quality

Slow growing Nordic pine or Scandinavian spruce gives the required structural integrity to this residential log cabin making it robust and resilient to weather and other harmful elements. The wood quality makes this log house a viable investment proposition and also ensures that its commercial value will appreciate significantly in a relatively short time.

Doors and Windows

The residential log cabin has three doors that have a height of 85cm and 192cm width. It has six windows, three of which have dimensions of 138cm X 101cm width and height respectively; two have 70cm width and 101cm height and one small square window has width and height of 50cm X 50cm. All doors and windows have double glazed glass. The doors and windows have Scandinavian hinges installed on them that can withstand 100,000 openings.


Other features

The house incorporates the flexibility of installing a mezzanine floor over its roof. The primary structure allows having two or three rooms based on the preference of the buyer. If a mezzanine floor is also installed, the number of rooms increases to four providing sufficient space to accommodate a large number of people. The cabin can be installed on a do it yourself (DIY) basis, or you may hire the services of professionals.



The cabin uses a high quality timber that is the assurance of long life and lasting strength. It comes with a ten-year anti-rot warranty to ensure that it does not suffer any damages due to rot.

The Residential Cabin Alex is an excellent combination of aesthetics and engineering. This residential log cabin has multiple uses thereby delivering high value for the money you pay. Installing it in a garden will allow you to live in a natural environment and benefit in terms of physical and mental health. The natural insulation allows you to live comfortably irrespective of the weather outside.

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