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Residential Cabin UZES: Enjoying a beautiful living space outdoors

Typical homes receive a remarkable twist with the residential cabin UZES. This collection of top quality cabins is one of the most popular models for residential wood cabins today. Customers are taken with the beautiful aesthetics of the cabin as well as its innovative design. There are tons of impressive features that make the log cabin an instant hit among unconventional home owners that want something different up front.


The Residential Cabin UZES up close

This home-like chalet is the newest addition to the line of high grade wood cabins that appear on the market today. It helps to know the log house UZES up close in order to discover the fascinating structural and aesthetic features you are about to enjoy for this lucrative investment. Here are some of the major points and highlights of this structure:


Classic and Contemporary Design in One

There are five distinct and main areas in this wooden chalet. First, enjoy the large central room that showcases the kitchen or bar. You can make modifications and designate a particular area at your discretion. The design and aesthetic possibilities are truly endless. The residential cabin UZES also comes with a room for the toilet and two bedrooms. It offers a spacious interior that could accommodate a much larger group of people or occupants. Based on the size and design of the rooms, this wooden cabin is a perfect venue to host events and celebrations with groups of friends or large families.

On top of the main interior features, the residential cabin UZES also features a spacious terrace. This is a great place where you can sit and lounge outside as you enjoy the fresh air. It has a covered feature that shields you from rain or sunburn. You can also add more perks and upgrades on the structure such as a storage shed, roof window, PVC doors and windows, roof and floor insulation, and wood clear treatment for interior protection.


Technical Dimensions and Measurements

The residential cabin UZES offers extra solid roof joists with a thickness of 60mm. This dimension is to make sure that the roof structure always remains stable. There are separate panes of glass with this model that showcase double-glazed windows with 44mm dimensions. The manufacturer of this high quality log cabin takes pride in ensuring that there are no plastic or plastic materials integrated and used in any of their log cabins. As to the roof boards and floor, the standard thickness is 20mm, which is inclusive in the selling price.

The best thing about the residential cabin UZES model is that the materials for the wooden doors and windows are manufactured with finger joint technology, which allows the materials to resist even the harshest of moisture. The log cabin also comes with a 10 year anti-rot warranty to ensure that you enjoy a top quality living space with great aesthetics and comfort for a long time.


Benefits of UZES Residential Cabin

More and more log cabin enthusiasts are investing in the UZES model because of its remarkable features. Aside from the mould and rot resistance, the residential cabin is also highlighted by its reinforced roof construction. The design guarantees safety with its triple-gable roof and the huge and sturdy 130mm x 60mm roof joists. The construction and massive materials also help prevent sagging, which is a common issue in most cabin roofs.

The windows and doors of the residential cabin UZES are made with premium quality materials. The certified double-glazed features are the finest you could ever find on the market. Since it is a residential type cabin, it also features secure hinges and locks. The windows and cabin doors showcase the sturdy steel hinges that fully equip the structure to withstand roughly 100,000 openings. There is optimal security with high quality door locks so that you live worry-free. An additional safety feature is the reliable floor bearers with a heavy duty and pressure treated floor, which adds to the aesthetic as well as the longevity of the structure.


The residential cabin UZES is the best investment for those who prefer a laid back yet stylish liveable space. It is a great home alternative or you could also make it your home extension, such as an outdoor office.

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