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Residential Cabin Sliding Door Systems: How to Choose

The classic and timeless look of a residential cabin meets the modern and contemporary features of sliding door systems. Sliding doors open horizontally through a sliding mechanism that is typically parallel to the wall. Residential cabin owners can choose from a wide range of sliding door systems from pocket doors to bypass doors and arcadia. The most common use for this type of door is on the patio, bathroom, and as glass doors, wardrobe doors, and screen doors.


Things to Consider for a Residential Cabin Sliding Door System

Never underestimate the importance of the materials for your sliding door system. The type of material will leave its mark on the overall aesthetics and feel of your residential cabin door. It also determines the durability and performance of the door system for a lucrative and worthwhile investment. There are 2 main factors that could influence the decision of the residential cabin owner in choosing a sliding door system, namely budget and aesthetics. You need to be able to afford the sliding door and be happy with its handles, profiles, and overall appearance.

Although timber is the most common material of choice for your sliding door, there are other materials that are worth considering:


This is a stronger yet slimmer type of sliding door for your residential cabin and it can be modified to be larger, taller, and wider than its counterparts. The pros of aluminium are the superior strength that comes with slim frames, the bigger glass area, high-quality design, and unlimited colour choices and aesthetics including wood effect. The downside is that aluminium is a much more expensive option compared to other types of sliding doors.


The cheaper end of the price scale belongs to this type of sliding door for a residential cabin. The main features of PVCu include less glass with thicker frames. The thickest among sliding door options is the PVCu model since the material is much weaker hence the thicker frames to ensure structural integrity. Although they are cheap and widely used, PVCu sliding doors for residential cabin have bulky hardware, higher thresholds, and are prone to thermal expansion, especially in the case of sticking doors and in hot weather locations.



The most appropriate residential cabin sliding door system uses timber for its materials. It is the most expensive, but new designs and technology created timber sliding doors that are low maintenance with longer guarantees on the finish and all their components. Timber is a remarkably classic natural material with timeless beauty, thermal efficiency, and an ideal choice for character properties. Timber residential cabin sliding doors, however, are for those with much higher budget allocation. They require careful use in order to avoid damaging the surface finish and special installation from certified contractors.

Consider the Sliding Door’s Finish

The aesthetics of the residential cabin sliding doors are essential for a successful project. Complement the internal and external appearance of the log house and choose a colour scheme that matches the existing joinery. The classic beauty of timber is better enhanced through the application of high-quality stain, offering an ultra-modern yet timeless look in a traditional residential cabin. Make sure that you have seen the doors in person before you purchase them because new timber is quite hard to match with existing ones.

Safety and Quality are Top Priority

The best residential cabin sliding door system must consist of the different contemporary security features such as dead bolts and multi-point locking system. Make sure that you also go for all glazing for privacy and security purposes. For quality, a sliding door system for a residential cabin should be from a reputable company. Sliding doors must also meet industry standards and requirements for security, quality of materials, weather performance, and thermal performance. Research the ideal residential cabin sliding door based on these criteria and you will have the best return on investment for your sliding door system investment.

Three Main Types of Sliding Doors for Log Homes

Sliding door systems are highly considered for their multi-faceted features including chic and trendy and practical and useful. Cramped residential cabin rooms become spacious while giving you a stunning view of your outdoors. However, make sure that your sliding doors are also secured in order to keep uninvited visitors at bay. Consider glazed or tinted sliding doors if you are worried about your safety or privacy, in addition other systems have modern locking technology.

There are 3 main types of residential cabin sliding door systems to choose from:

1. Pocket Doors

Doors that have no fixed hinges with single panel designs are called pocket doors. The sliding door system showcases the space that joins the wall and space where the wall door withdraws to when it is opened. Pocket door systems are actually good for small spaces, especially where there is no need for hinges. It is an ideal sliding door system for a smaller residential cabin with smaller allocation for the door opening.

2. Patio Doors

Fully equipped with a dual panel design, this sliding door system is a typical choice for most people. One panel is fixed while the other is movable for this naturally rectangular door system. Patio sliding doors for the residential cabin is broader and have a glass feature along with a larger and more spacious dimension. A larger log house will look great with sliding patio doors but it can also function as a partition between the dining room and living area.

3. Bypass Doors

Another residential cabin sliding door system is the bypass feature with dual adjacent and fixed panels. The door frame has tracks located above and below the component while the door moves in the same direction for its opening mechanism. Bypass doors are more spacious and larger and they also work best as partition doors.


Using sliding door systems for your log cabin is a stylish and practical option because modern sliding doors have a high thermal performance for better insulation, especially with frames that are thermally broken. Enjoy a lucrative and sound investment in residential cabin sliding doors today.

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