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Use Stone and Bricks to Give Your Residential Cabin A Facelift

Sometimes, living in the same interior setting for several years makes life stagnant and dull. In this scenario it is essential that from time to time you change the interior decoration of your residential cabin. The interior and exterior decoration of a residential cabin assists in enhancing its look and feel and makes it visually impressive and attractive. It also adds vivacity and freshness to a gloomy looking residential cabin.

Nowadays, in order to make a residential cabin look appealing and beautiful, people prefer to do the interior of their log home on their own, instead of hiring the services of a professional. In such instances, stones, bricks, marble, natural stone etc. are a good option. As residential cabins are completely made of logs and timber, by adding bricks and stones you can easily give your residential log cabin a new, improved and fresh look. Also using such things for decorating your residential cabin will help you make your log cabin completely different from what your friend or neighbour owns. In recent years, people have started doing up their residential log houses with natural stone fireplaces, using natural bricks for building a fireplace, instead of choosing those which were painted as brick red to give the look of an amazing and eye-catching fireplace made of brick.

Let’s try and find out more about how you can use bricks and stone to improve the look of your residential cabin and make it feel more cosy and pleasurable.

Brick wall panels: Bricks have that rustic appeal which makes them just right for your log cabin. You can include them in the interior of your log house without disturbing the rustic and rural feel and look of the residential cabin. On the contrary, bricks will help you enhance that feel and make your log cabin more appealing and alluring. When considering brick wall panels, the kitchen is the best place because the kitchen is the place where walls easily become oily and greasy. After a certain period of time the walls of the kitchen get dull, oily and dirty, and removing the same from the logs could be a little difficult for you, but if you have brick wall panels installed in your kitchen, especially for the wall that is near the stove, keeping your kitchen clean could prove to be a lot easier for you. Furthermore, the brick wall panel will give your kitchen a feeling of warmth and will be inviting for food lovers. If you own a multi-storey residential log cabin, then you can also consider installing brick wall panels near the staircase. Also, they are very popular near the fireplace.

Brick fireplace design: If you want your fireplace to last longer than what is generally expected from a fireplace, you should consider designing the look of your fireplace with long-lasting bricks. Fireplaces made of wood are strong, sturdy and most importantly, very economical. Another wonderful thing about brick fireplaces is that they resist the absorption of oil, making the room look more beautiful and elegant. Brick is also very easy to keep, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. In addition, brick is also fireproof, which makes it a more popular choice for many log home owners. They work wonderfully for both rustic and modern décor. If you want a rustic look, leave their natural colour of red or brown. On the other hand, if you want a more contemporary look, you can paint bricks in any colour you like, and you can create patterns to make the interior of your residential cabin more interesting.

Use natural stone to create an outdoor living area: Natural stone works wonderfully when designing the interior of the residential cabin as well as for exteriors. Using stone for the exterior entry design to the log house gives an aesthetically pleasant welcome to every guest. Any residential cabin improvement project that uses natural stone is able to get a unique look and works as a proud improvement to any décor. The versatility and beauty of a stone look makes it perfect for any type of finish. Stone exteriors are amazing to use with logs and give a residential cabin a very attractive look.

Stone cladding: For home design stone cladding is becoming very popular. It is tough, it is simple and it looks good. It is also a great alternative to other forms of cladding. Stone cladding is also very easy to work with and is the most dependable form of cladding. The huge range of types of cladding makes it easier for a log home owner to choose the most appropriate, depending on the desired look. You can choose from brick-like cladding called strip cladding to random pattern designs. Retaining the look of the residential cabin is crucial when working on its interior, so you should choose one room or one wall or a corner of the residential cabin for the cladding.

Use manufactured stone to make your fireplace come alive: A nicely built sand warm fireplace can be the centrepiece of a residential log house. Sadly, the cost of building a fireplace from scratch is probably too much. The cost of stone, the labour of the stone masons, building the chimney and firebox and securing the weight of it, can cost you thousands of pounds. For the fireplace, wood burners and gas logs are also a nice option, and by building a mock structure around your stove you can get a fireplace that is elegant, classy and beautiful. The installation of wood veneers is easy. Stones of different shapes and sizes are available to give a fireplace a very natural look. You can also consider covering your existing fireplace with faux stacked stone panels to get the look of a natural rock fireplace without burning a hole in your pocket.

Sculptures and artefacts made of stone: Today, natural stone has become the most popular choice of interior designers, architects and contracts for decorative items and sculptures. You can easily find a range of creative pieces of art, garden furniture, miniatures, statues and much more.

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