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Residential Cabin DIJON

A residential log cabin is a great retreat for spending your vacations or holidays and a spacious cabin with sufficient space to accommodate you, your friends or family and your things is what you need. When it comes to these requirements, there’s no residential log cabin better than the Residential Cabin DIJON.


DIJON is a spacious 6.5 metres X 7.8 metres chalet residential cabin which it the apt choice for your second home. This compact yet spacious residential log cabin makes efficient use of the available space. The cabin has four rooms with large windows in each one of them. The double glazed windows have neatly designed shutters. The cabin has two bedrooms and a small bathroom making it a complete home.


Properties of the cabin

The DIJON residential log cabin is made of fine quality wood and has double glazed windows. The wood and the high-quality windows ensure that the cabin remains well insulated around the year, and there is minimum noise. The cabin is affordable and delivers superior value for money.

Timber used for construction

The timber used in the construction of this cabin is Nordic pine or Scandinavian Spruce. The excellent quality of the wood gives the required strength and durability to the cabin to withstand even the most extreme weathers. It also gives a long life to the cabin.


The Scandinavian Spruce and the Nordic pine are rot resistant which further enhances the life of the cabin significantly. There is a 10-year anti-rot warranty from the manufacturer of the cabin, which is a mark of the long life and strength of the wood.

Using these types of timber also ensures that the natural insulating properties of the wood is utilised optimally. These timbers also absorb sound effectively thereby resulting in considerable reduction in the noise making living in these residential cabins a peaceful and comfortable experience.

Roof and Floor

The roof and floor of the DIJON residential log cabin is made of 20mm thickness tongue and groove boards. There is also an option to install additional 25m thickness insulation boards along with the roof and floor boards. These boards provide additional insulation to the cabin and are most suited for the regions that have an extreme cold weather in winters. Either Celotex or Kingspan insulation boards are used for the floor and the roof.


Doors and Windows

The cabin has 14mm thickness four doors and six windows that are double glazed. It gives a solid look to the cabin and also makes it look more attractive. Their insulation is as efficient as the insulation of the timber walls, floor and roof. These doors and windows also play a significant role in reducing the noise and making the cabin a quiet and cosy abode.

Technical Specifications

The total space needed to construct the DIJON residential log cabin is 50.7 square metre. The external dimensions of this cabin is 650cm (width) X 776cm (depth) and the internal dimensions are 625cm (width) and 751cm (depth). The walls have a thickness of 44mm which ensures that the cabin remains well-insulated at any time of the year. The eaves have a height of 230cm, and the ridge has a height of 300cm. The total roof area is 52 square metre, and the roof overhang is 50cm.


The roof and the floor are made of 20mm thickness tongue and groove boards. There is an option to install 25mm thickness Celotex or Kingspan insulation boards for providing additional insulation to the floor and the roof. The DIJON  log house has four rooms that are designed to make optimum use of the available space. The sleek design of this cabin ensures that there is no wastage of space, and every inch of the available area is used efficiently.


There are four doors with dimensions of 85cm (width) X 192cm (height). Out of the six windows of the cabin, one window has the dimensions of 138cm (width) X 101cm (height), and the other five have the measurements of 70cm (width) and 101cm (height).

The wood is provided ten years’ anti-rot warranty by the manufacturer. This cabin has a simple installation process and can be done on a “Do it Yourself” (DIY) basis or by a service provider.

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