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Quick Garden cabins on BBC

You might have seen the recent BBC article about David Cameron’s designer shed, where the former PM bought his shed for £25,000 to write a book in. In the article, another person was mentioned who claimed that the former PM was ‘just starting out in the world of sheds’! It just so happens that the person mentioned was other David, who is one of Quick Garden’s customers, and is more than happy that his shed cost him £19,000.00 less and in his words ‘ his shed is nothing compared to mine’. We are very happy that our customer is so pleased with their garden cabin.

What makes our cabin stand out in terms of value for money is that it is made by our family business and we own our factories instead of buying garden cabins from other manufacturers, no other third parties are involved ensuring that the price is always extremely competitive! The wood used in our log cabins is slow-grown Nordic Pine and Scandinavian Spruce, which are naturally denser and offer better insulation than other timber.

If you saw the article you will have noticed a big difference in the garden cabins. One was made up of simple wood cladding, while the other is actual interlocking timber logs, guess which one is which! Interlocking tongue and groove timber, coupled with thick roof purlins and heavy-duty floor bearers will give you a log cabin that is as sturdy as it gets and will last a lifetime.

David used his cabin as an extra room where he can rehearse with his band, it just shows you how versatile a garden cabin can be, from a storage shed to an extra bedroom or even residential use! His wife is also happy that she does not have to be bothered about all the noise in the house.

This is a perfect example of how you should never rush into purchasing anything before doing your research as there might be a cabin out there for you which can be much better value for your money than a designer shed

If you want to know more about what David meant when he was talking about his shed, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Quick Garden; we will happily help you choose or design the right garden cabin for you, be it a summer house or an everyday use cabin.

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