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Product Pricing Changes Due to Timber Shortage and Soaring Prices Worldwide

Dear Customers,

The last year has brought many substantial changes in our living & purchasing habits. COVID situation has resulted in more time spent at home, which has notably increased the construction, gardening and home improvement activity, influencing the grown demand for timber products and materials. With the apparent trend of people spending more time at home, the need for a functional home extension, secondary residence or remote working space has also increased. However, a massive scarcity of construction materials, including timber, has unfortunately had a strong influence on the prices of prefabricated wooden buildings as well.

The undergoing market fluctuations have shifted the balance of supply and demand as a whole. The issue was drastically complicated by a sequence of factors affecting the whole construction industry: reduced softwood production in Europe in 2020 (due to warmer winter and COVID related factory work disruptions), global logistics challenges and new trade regulations in North America and Europe. Due to drastically increased timber demand, the stream of European softwood supply has shifted towards the US and China, leaving the whole European continent in severe shortages. All the above mentioned has made a massive impact on wood prices worldwide.


The drastic increase in softwood price by at least 2 times (not to mention the soaring prices of the rest of the components in the production of prefabricated wooden buildings) has left us with no options but to raise our product price significantly by 50 - 100% (dated 22nd April 2021). And most likely, this increase is not going to be final in the nearest future.

These issues have affected many industries and companies worldwide. Due to these social, economic and geopolitical reasons, the prices of raw materials in the construction sector have notably risen in the past year - and continue to grow - affecting the whole wooden building industry. Experts believe that it is not likely to return to the way things were any time soon. Increased demand and limited international supply of timber and other raw materials will continue to affect the wooden building industry in terms of additional costs and delays.

We want to be fully transparent with our customers regarding this issue. We are dealing with this situation the best we can: purchasing and storing extra wood supplies, securing the deals with raw material suppliers; however, due to the inability to project future events, we cannot promise reduced prices any time soon.

Despite the difficult market situation, we will keep placing our utmost attention on our core values: fulfilling the clients' needs, providing in-depth, meaningful consultations and ensuring top-level service provision, as these are the main pillars of our company culture. Our top priority is to provide you with the best price-value proposition; thus, we continuously monitor the market and evaluate the fluctuations to react respectively. We want to assure you that we are not taking advantage of the current global situation - we are forced to adapt the prices, and there is not much we can do about it. We hope you understand our reasoning and that we are doing our best to keep you - our customers - happy in any way possible.

Sincerely, team

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