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How to Prepare your Residential Cabin for Autumn?

A residential log house is your home in the lap of nature and to make it a useable and liveable space, even in the coldest of seasons, autumn is the season you need to prepare for. So how do you exactly prepare your log cabin and get it ready for this time of year? Remember that living in a log home requires maintenance activities in order to cope with seasonal variations. There are inevitable changes when the season changes and living close to nature makes you more prone to these changes.


Residential Cabin Care Tips in Autumn

As autumn approaches, the right maintenance should be planned out and followed to keep your log home safe, clean, and liveable. The temperature is going to go down during this particular season and leaves in your garden will drop and pile up. A residential cabin has a tendency to be more prone to the changes in the temperature and nature compared to a more traditional house. Winter is also fast approaching, thus the chill in the air becomes more intense. Therefore, it is also practical to plan out a smooth transition from autumn to winter as well.

Prepare your Lawn for Autumn

Leaves turn red and eventually start to fall indicating the start of autumn is officially around the corner. Before you make some much-needed preparation for your residential cabin, it is equally important to prep up your lawn. Get your lawn and garden ready, making sure that they are well-protected from the elements and stay beautiful until the next spring.

Here are some of the most practical and useful tips for a well-prepared lawn or garden around your residential cabin:

 *  Fertilise. The best time of the year to apply fertiliser to your garden or lawn is autumn. Why? Because the grass is starting to build up during this season. It needs all the nutrients it can get so that it can store them and survive the coming cold season. The application of winterizing fertilisers is important in order to keep your lawn healthy. Fertiliser works best with moderate nitrogen levels. fertilise-lawn-residential-cabin

 *  Water. Your residential cabin stands out with its remarkable landscape. Make sure this landscape stays protected and in its best condition even when autumn and winter arrive. Keep watering the garden or lawn, even when the temperature outside is cooler. Water your lawn at least two times a week, especially during early mornings. This is the time when there is less evaporation. Less evaporation means you are not wasting water because it is efficiently absorbed.

   *  Mow. The best lawn for your residential log cabin is one that is mown, no matter the season and especially during autumn. However, you can reduce back the normal height of your lawn mower in autumn. Cut the grass slightly shorter as this could prevent it from getting damaged during snow or under leaves. Make sure that you don’t cut the grass too short though.

   *  Aerate. This process could boost the health of your residential cabin lawn or garden. Aerating means creating soil air gaps, which can be done through core aerations or spikes. Lawn drainage is improved and the presence of surface water could be significantly reduced. The process also allows grass seed to have direct contact with the soil during any over-seeding activity.

   *  Decorate. There are important occasions during autumn that you must celebrate. Decorate your residential cabin lawn even with layers of snows or leaves around. Keep the lawn attractive through seasonal planters and accessories.

Helpful Autumn Maintenance Checklist

The rigors of the autumn weather could present numerous challenges and inconveniences in your residential cabin. Make your cabin resistant from the cold chill and other elements of nature during this season. Your autumn maintenance checklist should look something like this:


Schedule an HVAC Inspection

The coldest of seasons is lurking around the corner. Thus, the furnace and heating system in your residential cabin should be in tip top condition. Check your heating system and make sure it is efficiently functioning. Call for professional HVAC contractors to do the job, they provide assistance such as checking for any malfunctions or serious issues such as carbon monoxide leakage. The furnace should be repaired or replaced, particularly if the filters are not working. Your HVAC system should have optimum performance before autumn sets in.

Check your Roofs

The roof is one of the most important parts of a log house. It is your first line of defence from the elements. Your roof may not be able to defend you if you don’t take care of it. Your maintenance checklist should prioritize your roofs. Check them for leaks and other maintenance and repair issues. This will include the shingles, gutters, and the like. Call professional contractors for a more comprehensive inspection.


Plan an Insulation Upgrade

If the residential cabin is not properly insulated, the interior temperature will not be controlled and regulated. Thus, you will have the coldest winters and the hottest summers. Make sure you have an insulation upgrade for your log home. There are HVAC devices available, however, if you want to have no maintenance costs in the future, go for thermal insulation. Your residential cabin will be insulated through using thicker logs for the walls and floors. The use of double-glazed windows and doors is also part of the insulation upgrade.

Inspect your Plumbing

The worse thing that could happen especially in the chilly autumn and winter seasons is burst pipes. Make sure your plumbing system is working and without any significant maintenance and repair issues.

Seal Up Driveway and Foundations Cracks

Cold weather results in moisture seeping into the cracks in your driveway and foundation. Freezing causes the surfaces to split and crack, which could compromise the aesthetics and integrity of your residential cabin interiors and exteriors.


The best way to beat autumn and winter is to properly prepare your residential cabin with a foolproof maintenance checklist. Do this and you will enjoy the seasons up ahead without any hassle and stress.

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