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How to Prepare Your Log House for the Autumn?

Log houses provide for a healthy life allowing you to live in the lap of the nature. However, living close to the nature also means that there are several seasonal variations and accordingly the log cabins require maintenance activities. It is important to identify the right kind of activities for the maintenance of your log house for a specific season and follow a procedure to execute them. Following the right process and doing things right is critical for ensuring that your log house and the surroundings, including the garden are well maintained and prepared for the next season.

Log houses require due care in autumn

Therefore as autumn approaches, it is critical to ensure that the right maintenance activities are followed. The advent of autumn means that the temperatures begin to drop and so do the leaves in your garden. The chill in the weather becomes more intense as the winter approaches after autumn and therefore while preparing for autumn, it is important to take into account the activities needed for winter as well. This will help you to be better prepared for winter if you start the process at the beginning of autumn.

Check your heating system to ensure that it is functioning efficiently. If not, get it repaired. Check for any leakages of carbon monoxide. Clean the system of any dust or specs and get it up and running in time. If you delay the maintenance process, it is quite possible you will have to wait longer to get it fixed since there will be many people who will start checking and getting their heating systems repaired at the last moment. Clean the furnace and if needed, replace the filters in the furnace and the heating system to keep them in functional in an optimum manner.

Clear the lawn or the garden of any unwanted twigs or plants. Trim the leaves on the plants and trees. This will considerably reduce the number of leaves that will fall from trees in autumn. If the leaves are appropriately trimmed, the garden or the lawn will be relatively clean during autumn as there will be fewer leaves. This will also ensure that there will be less number of leaves clogging and blocking gutters and the sewage system.

Check the sewage system and gutters and if there are any existing blockages in the drainage areas due to leaves or any other substance, then remove them. This will ensure that when more leaves fall in the drainage system during autumn, the extent of the blockage is low. Also, it is advisable to cover the gutters with gutter guards to protect them from leaves falling into them in autumn.

Check the wooden walls and roof of the wooden house for any cracks or holes. If there are any holes or cracks, fill them. Check for any wear or tear and replace the parts of the walls or the roof that have been damaged. Roof requires special maintenance and therefore it also requires a thorough inspection. If there is significant damage to the roof, it is better to replace it and install a new roof.

Check for any blockages in the external water pipes. As temperatures start to drop, the water in the external pipes might freeze. If there are any blockages in the external pipes, there is a higher chance of water getting clogged in those areas. The blocked water can easily freeze and the pipes can crack because of it. Cover the external pipes with heating tapes to keep them insulated when the temperatures fall. Likewise, if there is a hot water system, inspect it to in order to find any issues that might prevent its functioning in autumn and winter.

If there are any cracks in the fireplace or the chimney, then it is advisable to check them in advance to avoid any problems during autumn and subsequently in winter. If there are any cracks in the roof or the chimney and if you live in a region with extreme cold weather, there are chances of snow falling into the interiors of the log house.

If you have a traditional fireplace, inspect it properly to avoid for any instances of fire or poisoning from carbon monoxide. If the fireplace has any problems, get it fixed right away to avoid any hazardous situations.

Ensure that the house remains well insulated. Keep the attic well insulated. Have the right quality vapour barriers installed to have the right insulation. The vapour barrier must be installed facing downwards.

The doors and the windows must be inspected to check for any cracks in them. These cracks can widen when the mercury dips. Check for the insulation on the doors and windows. Also check the garage door for any cracks. The windows, if needed must be replaced with storm windows.

Cut the dead branches from the tree as these have a higher chance of falling in case there is a storm or snow. Collect the fallen leaves and put them in a composite pile for decomposition. Continuously check for fallen leaves to avoid any pile up of large dead leaves. Such leaves can damage the grass under them and the number of fallen dead leaves can increase exponentially in autumn.

Autumn is also a good time to get the exteriors painted and treated. Though the weather starts getting colder, it is not yet winter and is therefore a good time for several maintenance activities including painting and treatment of the wood. Appropriate maintenance will significantly increase the life of your wooden house.

Every season requires you to undertake thorough inspection and maintenance activities; however autumn is the right time for yearly maintenance activities. If due care is not taken during autumn, there can be significant damages to your log house in winter. Also, enough precautions of the garden must also be taken to prevent your plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables from any damages that the weather might inflict upon them.

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