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The Most Popular Places for Building Log Cabins in the UK

The first log cabins in the world were created in the UK. In fact, history records that log building became a construction method many years ago and has been around for hundreds of years. The origin of this trade can be traced back centuries to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. The first people who made log homes created their first structure through stacking tree trunks and overlapping them at the corners. Soft materials such as moss was then inserted into the joints to make the structure air-tight and insulated.


Nowadays, log homes have evolved into numerous designs, themes, and materials used for their construction. Nonetheless, the UK is still considered the best place to build and realize your dream of owning a log home. There are various highly recommended places for log cabins in the UK.

Top Picks for Places to Build Log Cabins in the UK

The beauty of today’s log homes is not just in their aesthetic appeal. Log homes are extremely functional and this adds to their value. Just like any other real estate investment, it is important to choose the right location in which to build your dream log home. These are some of the popular places for log cabins all around the UK:

Aberystwyth, Wales

Dubbed as the primary administrative centre and holiday destination in Wales, the west coast is not just ideal for lovers of a coastal backdrop, it is also surrounded by hills and mountains, making it an ideal place for log cabins. Just as there are harbours and seafronts for visitors, Aberystwyth is also loaded with castle ruins and other beautiful mountainous sceneries. The increase of log homes in the area is proof of the continuous trend of log cabins in the housing market. Most of these log structures are used as vacation rentals, thus, investing in a log cabin in this area could prove a profitable venture as you can personally use the log home or rent it out for income generation.


Stirling, Central Scotland

Clustered around medieval old towns and a large ancient fortress, this dreamy city is also one of the top choices for log cabins. There are lots of remarkable places here, especially panoramic mountainsides and forests. Log homes are also everywhere, despite the continuous modernity that is tangible in the centre of the metropolis. Stirling also enjoys a historic and strategic position just in between the Scottish Lowlands and Highlands. Log cabins in the area enjoy a remarkable location as well as a high market value due to its proximity to many local sites and tourist attractions.

Canterbury, England

Known as a cathedral city located in the south-eastern part of England, Canterbury is the ultimate location for major pilgrimage from around the world. It is also a remarkable choice for log cabins. The laidback, serene, and rustic sceneries all around the city are the ideal location for your dream log home. There are numerous places that could enhance the strategic location of your log cabin including old abbeys and churches. Old timber houses with maintained gardens and landscapes are also part of the tourist attractions in the area.


Lisburn, Northern Ireland

This city in Northern Ireland boasts of various boroughs and landmarks. It is also one of the best places to build log cabins. Cabins in Ireland are internationally renowned for their quality and aesthetic value. Lisburn maintains its breathtaking panoramic places that offer tranquil respite for log home owners. Transportation is quite accessible if you want to spend your holidays in the metropolis and also enjoy your log cabin getaway. Railways, buses, railroads, and inland waterways are accessible in the area.

York, England

Being a walled city does not restrict you from creating your dream log home in this area of Yorkshire. You can find a wide array of log cabins surrounding the city. It is a great location for a log home investment as the north-eastern metro in England is also a popular tourist destination. There are 13th century cathedrals with gothic themes and other medieval period architecture. The surrounding suburbs of York are lined with thick forests, mountains, and hills. The natural beauty of York makes it an outstanding choice for investors in log cabins.


Other Log Home Locations in Europe


Log cabins will always be closely connected to the Scandinavian region. The first log homes in history are, after all, recorded in this part of Northern Europe. There are 3 kingdoms that are part of the Scandinavian mainland, namely Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Invest in top quality and world class garden cabins with the Scandinavian mark. You can choose between Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian log homes for your investment in these scenic regions.


Spanish log homes are also popular choices for European investments. You can find a wide collection of log cabins that are ideal for the different panoramic and natural backdrops of Spain. This European country is known for its mountain ridges, valleys, forests, woods, and waterfronts. Despite the modernization here and there, Spain has preserved its natural sites that are perfect for building your dream log home.


Jura, France

French log cabins are known for their unique and elegant designs and no wonder as it is always a good idea to build a log home in the scenic mountains in this French region. There are also log cabin camping sites at the foot of the mountains in Jura. These sites showcase a wide range of beautiful vacation cabins that are close to the Swiss border. There are classy and timeless landscapes to match your dream log home. The best log cabins in France are also multi-functional as secondary vacation houses for their owners. They are also usually on the market as vacation rentals.

Log cabins increase their aesthetic and functional values when located in picturesque locations in the UK. Conduct a pre-investment research about the overflowing choices you have today. The right decision is mainly based on your preference and most importantly, available budget. Get more sound and practical advice on log home investment in the UK. Call a log cabin consultant today!

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