Peter's Log Cabin

IMG_3741Have you ever heard the saying “a Cabin in the middle of nowhere”? Well it seems our client Peter from Surrey has made this into a reality.  Peter contacted us looking for a mid-size traditional design log cabin for keeping his tools in and relaxing as well.  At that moment we had a very good offer on the Lille 4m x 5m (44mm) log cabin, which Peter happily accepted. IMG_3739Log cabin Lille 4m x 5m, 44mm thick for sale kit (1)Log cabin Lille 4m x 5m, 44mm thick for sale kit (2)A concrete base was laid for this log cabin prior to delivery taking place. Then our assembly team installed it and laid green bitumen shingles on the roof. Installation was completed within one day. Now Peter spends many a happy day enjoying his cabin. (check there log cabins)


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