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A Perfect Place to Build a Log Cabin

A log cabin is your retreat and hiding place from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Nevertheless, it is a huge investment to begin with. So, before you shell out on a single nail, make sure that you know all the essential details of building a log cabin. Just like in other real estate projects, creating a log home requires the best location to make your investment worthwhile. The location determines the quality of your log home and tells you if it is a lucrative venture or otherwise. So where is the perfect place to build a log cabin?


Choosing a Log Cabin Location 101

There are several factors that must be considered when selecting a log cabin venue. Take note that the practicality and legality of the site should be your main priorities. Buying a piece of land and building your log home on it is more than just looking at the peace and quiet. Other than your personal preference, you must also consider variables such as the views and the area of the log cabin where you want to be located.

Here are some helpful tips in finding the perfect place for your future log home:

Area is the Key

While your personal choice and preference tells you where your ideal log cabin location will be, there are several factors you need to consider in order to narrow down your search:

  • Purpose. What basically is the purpose of your log home? Different areas pose their own features. There are locations that are perfect for people who want a quiet getaway. Others are thrill seekers and would like a log cabin location that is near to adventure sites such as ski slopes, and some people prefer areas that are accessible to outdoor activities such as biking, fishing, and hiking. The purpose of building a log cabin helps you make your shortlist for the ideal place.
  • Accessibility. The seclusion and quietude that log home locations offer are what attracts some people. However, make sure that the area where your log cabin is located will also have convenient access to roads and local amenities. Take note that you just might find yourself unappreciative of your log home especially if going there is a laborious ordeal. Consider practical elements all year round ‒ well-built roads and pathways are no-brainers when choosing a log cabin location
  • Land Type. The use of the land is important, particularly if you have multiple purposes for a long period of time. Is the area exclusively for your log home? Do you want to cultivate a garden or grow crops in the location as well? Search for agricultural land where you can build your log cabin if you want to indulge your green finger prowess. Choose good woodland as an alternative if you are looking for a good source of trees or timbers.
  • View. The panoramic backdrop of nature is one of the top considerations for a log home retreat. The main purpose of building a log cabin is for you to rejuvenate and unwind. Choose a location with natural beauty surrounding the place. Do you want a scenario with tall trees in the heart of the forest? Are you envisioning yourself walking through beautiful seas of flowers towards your log cabin? Make your choice.

About the Legal and Practical

Consult with local real estate brokers or agents once you have finalized your choice for a log cabin location. Local land developers and real estate agents know the legalities in their specific areas. You also need to consult with professionals in terms of the regulations and permits that you must comply with. Check the zoning, code restrictions, future development plans, development restrictions, and other legal concerns.

Other variables to consider on top of the legalities are the practicalities of building a log cabin. Purchase the land for your log home with the land type, soil type, and structural foundation in mind. You can consult with your chosen contractor on these issues. Soil conditions and slopes are important factors that determine the suitability of the log cabin area you choose.

Check the Resources and Amenities

Now that you know the land you want, the legality and practicality of the area for your log cabin, it is time to check the resources and amenities available. There are various considerations such as the local drainage systems, utility lines, and water sources. You can also choose a location that is totally off the beaten path.

Log Cabin Orientation

The most challenging part of finding the perfect place to build your log home is where to specifically situate the cabin. Study your site and list your preferences. Would you prefer a log cabin location that overlooks a lake? Or do you want to have a clear view of the rolling countryside hills?


You can always stretch your budget to hire professionals, such as architects, contractors, and landscapers to help you with your project. The perfect orientation of the cabin offers access to panoramic views and the sun. A log cabin that faces south has access to the sun’s energy and light. If the location of your log home makes you prone to cold climates, you can position the majority of your cabin windows on the south. Consider an overhanging roof in order to provide shade during the summer. For a log cabin in more tropical places, the north side of the log home is perfect for the windows.

Overview of the Best U.S. Log Home Locations

According to popular surveys about the ideal log cabin areas, the following locations topped the charts:

  • Gunnison County, Colorado. There are mountains, lakes, and rambling landscapes in this remote wilderness in the western region of Colorado.
  • Harney County, Oregon. Your log cabin will sit in the midst of sagebrushes, towering pines, streams, lakes, and mountains.
  • Washington Island, Wisconsin. The area boasts of white-pebbled shore lakes that are perfect backdrops for an oceanfront log cabin.

A log cabin is indeed a lucrative investment. It demands time and careful planning, especially in the initial phase of choosing a location that would make your investment worth every penny.

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