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Make a Perfect Camp for Children in the Residential Log Cabin

A residential log cabin makes a perfect getaway for the entire family. Thus, it is always a lucrative and practical choice to invest on one. No matter what time of the year, you can always go to your log home as a respite. This is the best sanctuary to rejuvenate and unwind. Vacations and holidays are best spent in the log cabin. You can also plan for the perfect camp that your kids will surely love.


Before Planning the Perfect Residential Log Cabin Camp

Your options are overflowing when it comes to the best children’s camp in your log home. Your youngsters are surely looking forward to the fun things they will do in the outdoors. However, log home camps are not only for the outdoorsy types. The residential log cabin is the best venue where you can also plan indoor bonding activities with your family and loved ones. A log cabin family vacation or holiday is oftentimes to unplug from the routines of everyday life. It is also to discover and immerse in nature.

So what’s the perfect residential log cabin like?

A kid-friendly cabin is where even your youngsters would be excited to go to. It is best to ask your family members their preferences and needs before buying, building, upgrading, or renting a log home. However, it is definitely a no-brainer if you invest on your own log house today.

The best log cabin is where everyone has a bedroom and bathroom that is clean and functional. Your kids would most probably want a playground or a special place where they can be creative and have fun. You can also opt for a hiking trail or a venue with nearby lakes or rivers if you want. A residential log cabin is a place where your family can stay and where they can explore on the things they are interested in doing. It is a place that meets everyone’s needs.

What do you need for a log cabin children’s camp?

There are several things to bring and secure as you make the perfect camp for children. If your residential log cabin destination is in the heart of the forest or somewhere far, make sure your supplies are ready. Bring easy to cook and prepare foods. You can prepare homemade patties for your burger and BBQ afternoon parties. You can also bring other easy to transport and cook foods. Don’t forget fresh fruits and veggies, chips, and other snacks.


Here is a list of the other must-have items for your log cabin camp:

  • Trash bags
  • Baggies
  • Bug sprays
  • Night lights
  • Containers for food storage
  • Hand and dish soaps

You may also need sheets, bedding or towels especially if the residential log cabin is not regularly occupied.

Importance of Emergency Preparedness

The perfect camp for your children in your log home is not just fun and entertaining. It is not only educational and productive. A log house camp should also be safe at all times. Thus, it is imperative that you prepare for emergencies just in case something happen. Although staying in the log cabin requires you to stay unplugged, make sure that you have a phone handy whenever you need to call 911 or other local rescues.

Most importantly, you also need to prepare your own first aid kit. You need to have all the basics in your medical or emergency bag such as antiseptic wipes, alcohol, and many others. The residential log cabin usually have stocks of these important stuffs so that you need not panic and go out looking when you are miles away from the highway. Check your cabin’s medical box and see if there are expired medicines and other items in it to be replaced.


Top Activities for Log Cabin Camps

Youngsters love to play and have fun. However, it is also important that their activities are infused with educational and useful stuffs. You can plan both indoor and outdoor camps for your children in your residential log cabin. Take a look at some of the best camp activities you can plan out for the best family cabin getaway:

  • Campfire. A log cabin camp is not complete without a campfire. Spend time together with your loved ones around the campfire with storytelling and singing. This is a great experience for your kids. Just make sure you know basic fire restrictions to keep everyone safe, including your residential log cabin nearby.
  • Day or Night Hikes. Most log homes are located near hiking trails. The nature around you is the best canvass where you can paint happy memories with your young ones. Plan for a day or night hike with the family which could be refreshing and fun. Night hikes are equally fun with the spine tingling adventure in the midst of nature.
  • Hut Building. A residential log cabin is fun but building their hut is so much better. It brings out the imagination and creativity in your youngsters. It can also encourage teamwork and cooperation between them. Make sure you have all the necessary materials for this particular activity. Safety measures should also be observed. hut-building-residential-log-cabin-camp
  • Indoor Activities. There are various indoor “unplugged” activities that promote bonding and quality time. You can try working on a huge and complicated puzzle. The residential log cabin is the perfect place where you can also do some puzzle camps using some epic board games. Other activities you can try and enjoy indoors include coloring, arts and crafts, scrapbooking, and so much more.
  • Orienteering. This is quite common in most summer camps but you can certainly try it for your residential log cabin camp. Activities include reading and analyzing a map, using your initiative, and even making games that involve maps and teamwork.

The perfect camp for children in your log home varies from one family or group to another. Make sure your log home is ready for your adventures or the holidays so that you enjoy every minute of it.

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