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Paths Ideas for Various Garden Cabins

Probably the most traditional way to decorate a path of various garden cabins is to pave it with stones. However, to make it more original, you could also make lawn paths, paths from tree bark, pave them with crushed stones, small granite or gravel, concrete slabs or flagstones, bricks or slate.

Lawn Paths

Lawn paths can be a very subtle decoration near different garden cabins. However, they need to be mowed frequently and they get dirty after the rain.

Paths from Tree Bark

Paths made from tree bark are very cost-effective and easy to make. However, they are not recommended for large area. Too much of tree bark does not look aesthetically attractive, moreover, tree bark paths need to be renewed regularly as the lowest layers of tree bark start rotting after some time. This kind of pavement is perfect for wooden garden cabins and fits the nature.

Different Colour Shade Paths

You can make different colour shade paths from crushed stones, small granite and gravel. They are suitable for both luxurious and simpler gardens, as well as for gardens built on a tight budget. The same material can be used to construct curbs which would ensure that the path stays rigid and doesn’t lose its shape. There is also one trick if you don’t want to construct the curbs – the edges of the path cab be straightened by moving a shovel along a stretched rope.

Concrete Slabs and Flagstones

Square- cut geometric slabs help to create geometric ornaments while flagstones of irregular shape create a country style. This kind of path pavement helps to create beutiful residential cabin surroundings  . For example, geometric small slabs are good to pave areas between beds. If you use wider slabs it will have a certain effect: the garden will look larger. There is also an opportunity to use granite which is often sold as pieces of the shape of brick. Granite is a highly hard and durable material, however, it is quite expensive and the paved surface will not be perfectly flat.

Adobe Bricks

Adobe bricks are more popular in places with warm climate. They come in different colours and can be put together in different combinations to make either a playful or a minimalist ornament.


Slate is a natural material. Though it is a little more expensive, it fits perfectly to pave large areas. Slate is a very attractive material due to its versatile colour palette, moreover, it is easy to be shaped. However, it is not very durable and is more suitable for dry regions with warm climate.

Treated Timber Pieces

Finally, treated timber pieces of certain shape can also serve as a paving material. Frequently, the timber is cut to make 10-15cm pieces and then the pieces are treated. However, timber pieces are not very durable and serve more an aesthetic function rather than practical.

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