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Open Your Living Area with Large Windows

Lighting is an essential aspect of any space, be it a home, restaurant or office. It gets better if the light is natural and can bounce off several surfaces, making the room feel brighter and bigger. With log cabin summer houses, this should not be a problem as these houses feature large windows that welcome light into the interior with open arms. The large windows open you up to a world of untold possibilities when it comes to decorating.

For one, you have a full view of what is on the outside. You can stand and stare at the sky as you sip on coffee while bathing in the natural light. Secondly, you do not have to work on the interior much as the focus will be on the view. It would be best if you went with a minimal look that will not take away from the beauty of the outdoors.

If you have large windows, you should try as much as it is possible to make the most out of them. And you can do this by relying on a few decorating ideas that will not only show off the windows but also allow more light into your space. The last thing you should do is block the view by cluttering the window area with furniture. Here is how you can open your living area and make it more desirable:

Clear the View

The view is one of the most attractive things about your space. People walking into your home will catch a glimpse of the view and will not pay much attention to the furniture. The view is the focal point, and you should thus make sure that nothing deters people from seeing it. More often than not, the view will give people access to what appears outdoors. From the birds to the trees to winding footpaths, there is a lot that they can see while in the living area. You can centre a conversation on what is around you, and you seldom have to work on creating a focal point in the room.

Where you have a large living area, clearing the view should be an easy task. All you have to do is to get rid of any clutter near the windows. That means that you should move furniture around to clear the space. For floor to ceiling windows, you should ensure that nothing is on the floor. In this way, people will have an unobstructed view from the bottom up, creating the illusion of ample space. It feels freeing and is a sure way to brighten up your day.

You should consider the number of windows in a room. Where you have many windows, you can choose one to be the focal point such that it remains unobstructed. For one large window, ensure that it stands on its own. You can move the décor to other places in the room.

Where you are short on space, you can still make the most out of the large windows. Create a walking area next to the windows such that the furniture lies a few feet away from the walls. In this way, people can take in the view while standing next to the windows.

In some cases, you may find that it is necessary to use curtains. If you choose to do so, ensure that you can part them to allow adequate light to brighten the room. Assess what you are working with, and organise the room in a way that the windows remain as the focal points.

Organise Your Storage

Moving things away from the windows can leave you with a storage problem. The one thing you want to avoid is to clutter other parts of the room as you clear the view. As such, you have to use the available space to your advantage. How can you do this? The answer is to use the space between the windows.

Where you have one window, this should not be a problem. You can clear the space around the window and dedicate the rest of the living area to storing your things. For many windows in a row, you have to be careful with the storage, or it will be an eyesore. The best thing to do is to build shelves between the windows where you can store your items. Ensure that the shelves are clear on both sides such that they do not obstruct the view.

Position the Furniture

For furniture, placement towards the corners is the best move. If you have corner chairs, move them towards the corners where they will not be in the way. Also, ensure that they blend in with the draperies such that they do not steal the show. For people with small spaces, the best option is see-through furniture. In this way, the furniture will add to the light feel of the room and will not seem like they take up much space. The furniture should not be next to the window as this would be obstructive. Aim to position pieces a few feet away from the walls where they can be functional without ruining the vibe.

If you have an eating area in the living area, it is best to have a few chairs in the setting. Not only will this create the illusion of more space, it will also present you with an unobstructed view. Going for a round table is a good idea as it has an open feel to it that works with the large windows.

For small spaces, you might find that you have to place some furniture against the windows. If this is the case, go for a bench that will complement the view. You could also have a chair which you can use when staring at the view and having some quiet time. Using sophisticated pieces could easily take away from the view, and it could make the room feel busy. With wooden summer houses, less is always better. Aim to have the view as the main focus, and the rest will fall into place.

With these few tactics, your home will feel brighter and airier. You can look forward to having breakfast as sunshine dances on your cheeks. Can you think of a better way to start the day?

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