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What do you need to know before building a log cabin?

Before you begin constructing a house, it’s important to have the complete information in advance. There are several factors which require due attention before you begin building your home. Adherence to specific guidelines and other crucial elements will help you build your home efficiently and without any hassles. To get the best results, having sufficient information in advance is beneficial.

The need to have the appropriate knowledge becomes even more critical if you are building a log cabin. Due to the environmental and ecological factors that are usually associated with the process of building a log cabin, it becomes even more crucial that you have the right information available to you. Some of these vital points are explained in this article.

Understanding local environmental laws

Log cabins are built in areas that are away from cities and are usually situated in environmentally sensitive places such as foothills of the mountains or in the vicinity of woods. The local government bodies define specific guidelines for construction of houses and other buildings in such places. Although log cabins are environmentally friendly, they still make an impact on the environment due to the burning of firewood, electricity consumption and the use of other household equipment.

Before you begin constructing your log cabin, obtain the necessary clearances and also ensure that you have sufficient details on other statutory requirements. These laws are implemented strictly, and failure to adhere to them might result in penalties. Hence, following the local laws regarding the type of construction, material that can be used, the height of the log cabin and other rules is essential.

Check the quality of the soil

After you have planned to build a log cabin, but before the actual work begins, get the soil of your land plot where the log cabin will be constructed checked by an expert. A poor quality soil can affect the strength of your log cabin and will shorten its life significantly. It is also dangerous to construct a building on a land that is not suitable for construction.

Hire an expert to check the nature of the soil, its mineral composition, strength, and other important factors before you build your log cabin. It is an important exercise that will ensure the safety of your house and family.

Identify the right timber 

A log cabin can be built using a wide range of wood. Some of these are of excellent quality and can easily last for more than four decades while several others are poor quality and might not remain in good condition even for a few years. Therefore, based on your budget and other factors such as environmental guidelines and availability of the types of wood, choose the best from the available options.

An excellent quality timber is an expensive buy, but it’s a viable investment choice because of the longevity of its life and strength. Since a good quality wood is more robust and resilient to the extreme weather, there is less wear and tear, which means that the cost of repair and maintenance is also low.

Get details on the weather conditions

The life of your log cabin depends upon the climatic conditions where it is being built. Weather impacts the strength and life of the buildings and, therefore, it is imperative that you use the appropriate material which is capable of withstanding the climatic conditions. You need to evaluate not just the conditions that exist when you begin the construction of your log cabin but also the climate of all the seasons.

Some places might have pleasant summer, but the winter can be harsh. It is, therefore, important to get a clear idea of what the weather conditions would be throughout the year and then select the wood and other construction material. It will also give you a clear picture of what type of maintenance schedule you are needed to follow.

Ease of access to the nearest city or town

Log cabins are preferred for the natural and healthy conditions they provide. But, it is equally critical that the location of your log cabin is not too remote, and it should have an easy access to the nearest town or city. There could be medical emergencies or other exigencies. In such instances, it is important that traveling to a hospital or other important places in the city is convenient.

Availability of necessities

Due to being situated away from populated areas, the availability of necessary items such as food and medicines could be low. When planning to build your log cabin, check if all the necessary items are available near the place where your log cabin is situated.

There could be instances during rains or snowfall when the access to the nearby city or town might be blocked. In such cases, if the necessary items are not available where you live, you would have to face difficulties. It is always better to know in advance so that you can stock these items to avoid any inconvenience.

Water supply

Water is one of the most important needs, and you can’t live without it. When planning to build your log cabin, ensure that the water supply is adequate. Also, confirm that the source of water is clean, and there are no pollutants in it.

Electric supply

You would need uninterrupted electricity for running your equipment. If your log cabin is in a place with very low temperatures in winter, you would need a heater. Similarly, for lighting your log cabin, there should be proper electric supply.

Several factors would affect your life when you begin living in your log cabin. It’s essential that you have the right information before you start the construction of your log cabin. It will help you avoid any inconvenience once you start living there. A thorough analysis of the various factors that will influence you and your log cabin will go a long way in making your life comfortable. It will also protect you from any future problems.

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