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Nature Colours in a Log Cabin Interior

The colours of a log cabin could either make or break the entire structure. Thus, it requires optimal output as well as careful discernment and selection of the colour for your interior. You can easily search the web for the latest and even classic colours for different log houses. The choices are endless, it all depends on your personal palate and preference as to what shade you choose for your log home’s interior. The important thing is that your log cabin reflects your personality and style and the aesthetics give you that sense of fulfilment and bliss.


Guide to Log Cabin Colours and Painting Walls

Painting your interior log walls is quite an adventure if you decide on a DIY project. However, it could also be a task for the professionals, especially if you don’t have the luxury of time to do it on your own. There are several companies that display samples of their log homes with different natural colours and palettes for your reference.  A simple monochromatic log cabin may be the best idea for those with a minimalistic inclination. However, there are other more eccentric colour blends and choices for those who want something more exciting.


Before you go on a painting spree for your log cabin, make sure you remember these tips, especially if this is your first DIY project:

Paint Test First

Prior to staining your log walls with your preferred shades, make sure you test the colours on spare wood pieces first. Your log cabin interiors require careful planning and analysis particularly on the nature colour you choose. Moreover, stain colour could greatly vary depending on its application. If you order your log cabin paint on the internet, some colours may not be the same as their online image projects.

You can utilize different techniques in order to achieve a transparent look for the specific grain of the wood in your log home. There are cases when you must also use thicker coats in order to provide a non-transparent and true painted look. No matter what painting technique you use for your log cabin, make sure you test the paint first.


Get Painted Log Wall Inspiration

The internet is one of the best places to find colour inspiration for your log cabin interiors. You can find tons of options in painting your home’s interior log walls. For instance, different log homes may follow a particular theme. There are painting ideas to achieve a beach-inspired cabin, while others paint their interiors to represent an Oriental touch. There are also recommended colours for girl’s and boy’s rooms in your log cabin.

Wood Stain or Paint?

Wood stains show the natural grain of your log wall’s wood. There are also numerous wood stains available for your log cabin. Thus, this option is not at all boring. Nevertheless, if you prefer something more solid that would represent a painted wall, paint is the best option. Painting experts suggest using wood filler in order to seal the painted log walls. This will also make the wall much easier to clean and maintain.

Why Not Paint Trim Colours?

There are other painting options for your log cabin such as fun painting trim colours. Instead of fully painting your log walls, painting the trim could offer a unique aesthetic. For instance, you could simply paint the trim black as it is a complementary and neutral colour. Black also blends with other palettes on black coloured cabinetry, furniture pieces, decors, and so much more. Moreover, log cabin trims are easily replaceable should the owners choose to utilize a different shade in the future.


Top Nature Colours for your Log Home Interior

Transform your home into the haven that you always wanted. There are limitless colours, especially for contemporary log cabin collections. The best paint colours vary according to the taste and preference of the owner. Nevertheless, there are timeless shades that are timeless favourites. Here are some of the top choices for log home interiors:

Neutrals. Neutral tones are classic choices whether it is a normal residential structure or a log cabin. Neutrals are usually composed of the perfect seamless white, soothing grey, and warm beige, among others. Paint palettes in this category are complementary to other tones, thus it is easier to mix and match for different themes. Palettes with a neutral undertone are fresh, earthbound, and dramatic, depending on how you combine them with others.

Greens. A substantial number of log homes are created in order to become a sanctuary in the midst of nature. Thus, it is natural to choose greens for your log cabin. Some of the most popular colours in this group include market fresh or mint green. You can mix and blend other green shades in order to produce the kind of hue that you are looking for.


Yellows. One of the top nature colours that is used for log cabins is yellow and its variations. You can instantly give a boost or ray of sunshine in your log cabin interiors with yellows. Yellow paint colours range from the lightest to the richest. Light yellow shades consist of butter cream palettes, while richer maple gold hues are at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Purples. Add a regal touch to your log cabin with shades of purple. Girls’ rooms usually include purple aside from the conventional pink. Purple offers that royal air with a twist of sophisticated and sweet aura.

Blues. The variety of shades in the blue category is not just perfect for your boy’s room, blues are also suitable for themes such as beach-inspired. There are light to rich blue colours that you could mix together or use alone.

Nature colours represent your style, while blending with the natural shades of Mother Nature. Whether it is the symbols of leafy greens or colourful floral or earthy neutrals, natural colours for your log cabin interior could make or break your home aesthetics. Choose the best paint colours and enjoy your log sanctuary for the ultimate relaxing experience.

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