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Nathan's log cabin (Birmingham)


Nathan contacted us saying he wanted to buy a log cabin that he could use as an office. We immediately recommended him to look at our log cabins and he’s chosen the beautiful log cabin NICA 17' x 17'. He says he’s always wanted to have a cosy and solid place that wouldn’t be too big where he could work and relax. As per Nathan’s request we manufactured a cabin where the walls were thickened to 58mm instead of the standard 44mm. Our assembly team laid the base, installed the cabin and painted it. Please see an installation-picture-story below. IMG_3049 IMG_3053 IMG_3207 IMG_3210 IMG_3211 IMG_3212IMG_3215IMG_3224IMG_3225IMG_3236IMG_3237IMG_3238IMG_3239IMG_3240IMG_3241nc4nc5NC6

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