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Say Goodbye to Concrete Structures

Wooden homes are now the most in demand types of housing and have surpassed the demands for concrete structures. In various parts of the world, modern wooden houses such as timber and log cabins are becoming more and more popular among home buyers and property investors. The overflowing benefits of wooden structural buildings are the main reasons why log cabins and wooden homes are the best options for contemporary housing.


Why Go for Modern Wooden Homes?

Aside from the obvious difference in aesthetics, wooden houses and structural buildings are definitely more advantageous compared to their concrete counterparts. Here are some of the top noteworthy benefits of a contemporary wooden home compared to a concrete building or housing:

Energy Efficient and Exceptional Insulation

Wood is a high-quality material that dries out and hardens when exposed to non-combustible heating temperature. Inorganic building materials such as steel, on the other hand, expand when exposed to heat and could collapse or weaken the entire structure. Materials such as glass may also conduct heat as fast as 23 times more compared to wood, while marble is a fast heat conductor of up to 90 times faster. Steel conducts heat 1650 faster while 7000 times faster heat conduction is recorded for aluminium materials.

Due to the slower heat conduction of wood, less energy is leaked from wooden houses compared to concrete buildings. The insulating property of wood allows it to maintain the warmth or coolness inside the house, which means you also get to spend less money on your cooling or heating system.


Money-Saver and Construction Convenience

Those who want to see quick and inexpensive results on the construction of their housing should definitely consider wooden homes. According to online sources, expert wooden house manufacturers could build a huge wooden home onsite in just 7 days. Compared to stone, concrete, or brick, wood construction helps you save time along with the savings that would inherently come with fast or shorter labour.

The easy and fast construction of wooden homes is applicable if you are located in areas with harsh weather conditions. You need to ensure that there are no delays in the construction if you are dealing with icy, snow, and heavy rain conditions. There is also easy and fast modification with wood-framed houses even during and after the construction process. The cost effectiveness, ease, and versatility of wooden houses make it popular as you can skip the troublesome, costly, and time-consuming process.


Versatile Aesthetics and Designs

Contemporary wooden home designs are overflowing with more than 5,000 different design plans and layouts available. You can find the blueprints and designs that would definitely suit your preferences and available budget. Some wood species have their own unique features and strong points such as grain, acoustics, appearance, colour, and capacity for structural purposes. You can choose the type of wood you need for the frames, floors, ceilings, walls, and furniture.

Wood can be painted if you are not into the grain appearance of the wood materials available. However, there are textures and hues on woods that could naturally embellish its overall appearance or aesthetic. The classic look of wood makes it aesthetically versatile and delightful with no limits as to how it could boost the final look of the wooden house.

Durability and Safety

Wooden homes are known for their strength, sturdiness, and durability that allow these housing units to stand the test of time. Durable and strong wood species basically last for generations, thus you can easily find century-old log cabins in the remote areas of Scandinavia and other European countries. Wood is basically preferred for its weight, durability, and safety. Modern engineering construction and techniques allow wooden houses to be safer and more secure from natural and manmade calamities such as fire. Fire retardant treatments for wooden homes are available in order to ensure the safety of your house.


Water Resistance

One of the most outstanding features of wooden structural buildings is the water resistance quality of this housing type. For instance, not all woods are resistant to water, however, there are wood species or varieties that could greatly withstand the effects of getting soaked in water and moisture. Various studies have been conducted showing the absorption rate of different wood varieties specifically Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar, and Western Hemlock.

The process includes the drying of the wood in order to determine their moisture content rate. The dried woods were left in the outdoors and covered and after a year were examined to see the changes in their moisture level. Based on the results of the study, there is a minimal increase in the moisture content or absorption rate of the untreated cedar wood, proving that this wood variety is highly water resistant.

Natural and Healthy

Uncoated wood is known to regulate the humidity indoors which could also help the occupants of the house, especially those with respiratory problems or sensitivity. The classic aesthetic and beauty of wood are also known to soothe and relax one’s mind and nervous system. It is, however, important to make sure that the wood is not too moist since moisture and humidity could gravely affect the quality of the wooden features of the house.


On top of the indoor air quality, wood materials in wooden houses are also known to help the environment and boost your surroundings. Log cabins and wooden structural buildings in the midst of the forest or cradled in the heart of nature are a remarkable respite for people who have health problems. Thus, log homes are ideal retirement home options or if you want to momentarily retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday urban living.

Modern wooden homes are the best and most popular options for today’s housing, whether as a primary residence or vacation homes. Most homeowners are joining the bandwagon in investing in log cabins or wooden structural buildings in their existing properties. These features boost your property’s market value and provide an extra additional space for your convenience and personal use.

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