Michelle's bespoke log cabin

Many of our clients have different ideas as to what a log cabin is and how it should be designed. We try to satisfy all the needs of our clients even when the design is absolutely not what we offer as standard. (check there log cabins)

IMG_3156It is not a secret that wood is a very versatile material, being absolutely natural and having the feature of being able to keep the warmth inside. Clients who prefer a modern look often contact us looking for an extraordinary solution. Here we present an absolutely different look 5.2m x 3.7m log cabin with the small terrace. Its compact size is more than enough for its main purpose ‒ to have a small area for training.

IMG_3157Even table tennis equipment can be easily fitted. Finding the best solution from a visual design point of view and offering the best size for our clients to feel absolutely comfortable inside is our daily goal.


2 thoughts on “Michelle's bespoke log cabin”

  • I'm looking to buy a similar size cabin as above, 5.2 x 3 and roughly same build apart minus the small terrace and I would like bi-folding doors, I am very keen to get this idea started asap, I have all ready cleared away the garden ready for the build.
    If possible I would like a rough cost
    Time frame from order to build
    Foundations required or not ?
    Floors and walls insulated ??
    I hope this helps and really look forward to hearing back from you soon

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