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Michael's Wooden Garage 6m x 6m (in Devon)

There is nothing better than a garage for keeping your car safe. Michael from Devon was of the same opinion.  So after doing his own research and making a number of phone calls to a number of garage suppliers he decided to go with our offer and purchased a 6m x 6m wooden garage. Michael particularly wanted to have a wooden garage in order to avoid moisture condensation inside (a common problem with metal garages).  Utilising a natural material was also an important criterion for choosing a timber structure.

Wooden garage 6m x 6m 44mm (1)

We had this particular garage in our warehouse in Eastleigh, so delivery only took 5 working days. The second day after delivery our assembly team arrived and started the installation on the concrete base which Michael had had laid in advance. Wooden garage 6m x 6m 44mm (2)The garage was installed and treated with a heavy duty preservative and the roof was protected with lightweight metal roof shingles. We think you’ll agree that Michael’s garage came out very nice indeed.

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