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MALTA – A World Class Storage Log Cabin

Garden Buildings serve several purposes. From being a place to store your equipment to rest on a lazy summer afternoon, these log cabins have multiple applications and offer great convenience and style at an affordable price range.


Garden log cabins are aesthetically attractive, structurally robust and excellently designed to meet your various needs. They represent a unique combination of beauty and usefulness which will make your garden look even more attractive.

The wooden building segment offers a range of garden log cabin products, but not many can match the grace and elegance of MALTA. Designed with the intent of delivering the highest value to our clients, MALTA offers great value for money.


MALTA storage garden log cabins provide more space in less area due to their design features. These single room garden log cabins have a single slope roof which is a unique characteristic. It means that you have enough space in terms of height inside the log cabin while the external height remains lower than the garden log cabins with traditional designs.

It is of great importance in places where the local rules limit the heights of the garden log cabins. You could have a log cabin with more space vertically if you chose MALTA.

A MALTA cabin is not just superior in its design and the space it offers but is also much stronger and robust. The thickness of the walls of MALTA garden log cabins is 28 mm and the tongue and groove system used to build these cabins further strengthens their structural integrity.


The tongue and groove flooring has a thickness of 18 mm which ensures that these log cabins have strong and stable floors. The floor of the MALTA garden cabins has heavy duty pressure treated bearers. For additional stability, installing adjustable PVC pedestals is advised. These are low-cost, high-performance pedestals that help counter the unevenness of the base.

To protect the walls of your MALTA garden cabins, choose RP Wood clear treatment offered by us. It is a cost efficient and highly effective method to protect your cabin from the harshness of the weather. We offer to treat the walls of your MALTA garden cabin with this excellent wood treatment option for a very low price.

MALTA garden log cabins have double doors with width and height of 144 cm X 187 cm that makes it possible to use it as a storage space for large equipment as well as use it as a place to rest and relax. You can easily keep your large equipment in these log cabins and access them quickly whenever the need arises.


The large space inside the garden log cabin allows many items to be kept, and the double doors are pretty useful in moving them in and out of the cabin. The sturdy walls and floors are less prone to damages despite the frequent movements of these large-sized and heavy equipment.

The double doors also add to the attractiveness of the MALTA garden log cabins. These doors feature windows with separate glass panes so that they can be kept open and close independent of the doors.

Each glass pane has a thickness of 4 mm, which means that they have a long life despite changes in the temperature or other climatic conditions. The doors of these log cabins also have separate locks and hinges components installed on them so that their safety is enhanced further.


MALTA garden log cabins come with two roof options – green or red felt shingles that are installed over 18 mm thick tongue and groove boards. The length of the front overhang is 40 cm, and the total area of each of these cabins is 9 square metre. The height of the eaves is 200 cm, and that of the ridge is 230 cm.

Another major benefit of buying a MALTA garden log cabin is that it comes with an anti-rot warranty for 5 years. It means you get the best deal for what you pay! MALTA cabins are world class products with excellent design and features. To get the best deal on MALTA cabins, contact us for a quote. We also offer installation services for a very low cost.

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