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Inclusive Log House Planning Guide – All Your Questions Answered

Every year millions of people dream of owning a log house. Indeed, the popularity of log cabins has been increasing over the past few years. However, the reality of it is that only a few people actually make the complete transition from dreaming about owning a log cabin to actually building one. There are some very major reasons why only some thousands of new log houses are built each year.

Here we will be discussing a few really important points and factors that will make any new log house project a success.

How to Avoid Turning Your Log Home Dream Into A Nightmare

According to log home experts, the secret of building a successful log home lies in the acronym COPE. Cope stands for: Communication, Organisation, Persistence, Enthusiasm.

Communication: Setting up an effective communication channel between family members as well as you as the client and a manufacturer is crucial. Most home owners are first time buyers and as a result, they are often clueless about the facts and specifications of a log house. Writing everything down as one goes through the research process will help ensure the best final results. It is important that you make notes on everything in your notebook/journal – from the initial stage of choosing logs to the final step of accessorising the house with windows, doors, shelves, door knobs, etc. This will also help you state your requirements to the manufacturer in a detailed way in order for you to obtain your dream log home.

Organisation: Your scrapbook will also be a great way to organise your thoughts, store information and record plans. Note down the things that your manufacturer promises to deliver, whether it be the cost or the features or the deadline. Though, reputed manufacturers deliver what they promise, by keeping a record you will be able to check the progress of your project as well as guaranteeing peace of mind that things are going as stated or promised.

Persistence and Enthusiasm: Remember that writing things down is the initial stage of owning a log house, in order to turn your dream into a reality you have to keep moving forward. If you are not persistent or have no enthusiasm about your dream project, and you hardly take any interest in it, then your dream project will seem more of a tedious and tiresome job.

Financing Your Log House      

Plan your budget: Beautifully built log homes do cost a little more than stick-built houses, but they are not as expensive as one may think. The important point of financing is that you know how much you have to spend and more importantly how much you can spend. As a result, knowing where you stand financially is important. If you have any budgetary limitations, then you should respect them and choose a log home that suits your budgetary level. Also, choosing a log home friendly banker or mortgage lender is vital.

Design Your Log House

Here are the five really important tips to design the log house of your dreams.

Find the appropriate land: If you are buying a log home to add more space to your house, then choosing a suitable area won’t be that difficult. But, if you are buying a log home as an investment or as a second or even first home, then finding an appropriate piece of land can be difficult. However, when looking for land, try to find a place that suits your preferences as well as your budget. Check for municipal water/sewage utilities as well as access to power.

Work on a floor plan that matches your land: For steep or smaller lots, use a small footprint design. Also, floor plans with walkout basements, work great for sloping lots. Moreover, for lots with no space for a basement, floor plans with flat foundations work wonderfully.

Select the right log home package: Find an established log home manufacturer and choose the right log home package keeping your chosen land as well as budgetary levels in mind. There are manufacturers that stock a huge variety of log home packages, making it easier for you to find one that best suits your dream log house as well as staying within your budget.

Be aware of environmental concerns: Find a contractor that uses best quality logs as well as environmentally friendly varnishes or stains. Also, it is important that the contractor uses more energy efficient log home packages. Thermally insulated log cabins are simply the best when it comes to energy efficiency.

The Log Home Building Process  

Choose a reputed log house manufacturer:  Always remember that the success of your dream home project depends on your choice of residential log house manufacturer. So, choose a manufacturer that will also help you with the installation process. Select the right log home package according to your property and finances.

Order your log cabin package: Generally, leading manufacturers present you with the flexibility to order your log home package online. So, browse the collection on offer and place your order.

The log home package delivery: Once your log house has been handcrafted, it is packed properly to prevent any damages, then it is shipped to your doorstep for final installation. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ship the pack and ensure that it is delivered to you in the correct condition.

Log house set up and installation process: This is where a good log house manufacturer shines. Your log cabin manufacturer is responsible for installing the foundation, walls as well the roof. Their services are very fast and efficient.

Final touches: Once your log house has been erected, then it’s time for the final touches, such as the installation of windows, doors, stairs, railings as well as plumbing and the electrical fittings.

Your log house planning guide checklist:

- Choose your log house manufacturer.

- Select your log house package.

- Arrange the financing.

- Choose the site.

- Order your log cabin package.

- Delivery of the log house package.

- Log house setup and erection.

- Final log home construction.

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