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Log House Accessories to Increase Décor and Functionality

Log house is a complete structure in itself, with all the facets of a conventional home. They look extremely catchy and appealing and once installed are in ready to use. But, similar to how you need some accessories and products to increase the beauty and comfort of your fully built brick and mortar house, for log cabins also some accessories are extremely important and are must have in every house.

Here we will be discussing about some accessories that you can use to increase beauty and durability of log house, in addition to increase utility and for great space management.

Treatment: Residential log cabin treatment is vital and can’t be overlooked. It is not only required to prevent rot but also for number of other things. It is done to prevent discoloration of the timber, warping and shrinkage of timber, rot etc. When log cabins left untreated the timber will dry out, distort and warp and will allow the entrance of water either vi joints or via moisture transfer. This will also affect the appearance and life of windows and doors. Unprotected logs also get affected by UV rays, which can cause major damage that can also rival moisture damage. So, log house treatment is vital. You can buy log stain that comes with UV protection; this won’t only protect your house against moisture leaking and insect infestation but also from harmful and damaging UV rays.

Adjustable PVC Pedestals: Adjustable height pedestals are must when getting a log house for your house. They enable perfectly level elevated decks to be easily constructed with structural pavers over uneven substrate or slopping. They are ideal for constructing decks over service ducks, cables or pipes and assist in building perfectly horizontal rooftop decks. They allow water to flow away easily and quickly under the deck surface. Adjustable height pedestals as name suggests can be adjusted up or down even after a paver has been laid, resulting in easy and quick installation of raised unit paving.

Shingles: Without shingles a log house looks just a simple wooden structure. Shingles can be selected in a variety of colors, as well as in assortments of styles including straight, curved and hexagonal style. They also protect your log house from extreme atmospheric conditions. However, reputed manufacturers present you with residential log cabins with already installed shingles.

Canopy: In general, a canopy is used to provide shade. They are additional part of the roof. So, if you are looking for additional protection for you log house, installing canopy can help. They work as a roof to cover exterior part of your home. As exterior doors and windows face direct rain and sunlight, which can be a cause for their damage, by installing canopy you can protect them from these atmospheric conditions.

Flowerbox: Flowerbox can be a great addition in your log house. They are perfect to be placed outdoors most especially outside your window. They are perfect to accentuate any bland corner of your log cabin. They also improve the overall appeal of your house. With the help of some bountiful flowering plants, flowerbox are splendid house decorations.

 Air vent: Air vent help to improve air circulation and ventilation of your log house. They can be of great use especially in winters when a timber cottage is less likely to have natural ventilation, through the doors and windows. In addition, they are must have in log structures when using fridge, hot tub, freezer etc. within your log cabin.

Lighting: Generally, it is said and believed that log houses are dark. Certainly, being dimly lit, n increases the coziness of the space. But, when it is too dark to read or cook then it can be a problem. So, if you aim to use log cabin as your office or for residential purpose, then it becomes significant to have comprehensive lighting techniques. Fortunately, lighting companies present you with varieties of chandeliers and lighting fixtures making it easier for you to choose one that help you illuminate your surroundings the way you want. Say, if you want task lighting then cute lamps are available, in addition, antler chandeliers and lanterns are also available.

Shelves: The best way to organize your wooden garage or residential log cabin is to get shelving. Shelving best help you accommodate your belongings as well as categorize them to make them easily accessible. Depending on your need you can get shelving of as many levels as you want, in addition, you can easily build them yourselves. If you have kids in your house, then with the help of shelves you can keep pesticides and tools out of reach of them and ensure their safety. For firewood or tools storage you can also use woodshed, they are readily available.

Weed control matting: As name suggests, weed control matting are used for the suppression of weed. This is very useful under log houses if you are not using a traditional concrete or paving slab base.

Guttering: Gutters are important because they complete your house and save your house from water damage. Not everyone considers installing a gutter system considering it a waste of money. But in reality, the cost of gutter system is actually very low in comparison to the repairs of a log house without gutter system. An effective and functional gutter system will also keep your residential timber cottage safe from any type of water leakage which will help you maintain aesthetics and durability of your cabin, in addition, will prevent growth of any mold etc.          

Storm Kit: Storm kit is essential especially when living in exposed areas. Storm kit for loghouse are easy to fit, very discreet and non obtrusive. It is important that you adjust the tightness of the screws on the storm bracing to ensure a stable building all year round. These kits prove to be really helpful in protecting you and your wooden garage from storms or harsh winds.

So, make sure you have all these installed in your log house or wooden garage to increase its durability, functionality and make it just perfect to be used without any hassle or trouble.

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