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Log Cabins – The Best Time to Buy in 2017

Log cabins are lucrative investments especially in contemporary times when buying a house in general offers a huge return on investment. People who plan to buy a log home could choose to buy a wooden house for their primary residence, as a holiday home, or an investment property for future sales or rental purposes. One of the most important factors to consider when investing in a log home is the time of the year when it is ideal to buy. There are numerous log cabins available on the market with their unique designs and features as well as functionality. Nevertheless, timing is everything when making a sound and wise investment on your dream log home.


So When Exactly is The Best Time to Buy Log Cabins in 2017?

A lot of log cabin manufacturers and suppliers agree that regardless of the year, the same cycle continues as to the best months when logging home sales skyrocket. There are also months when the industry goes quiet with relatively slow movement until the peak buying seasons kick in. When the leaves start falling and autumn sets in, changes in the industry of log cabins are quite obvious. People are not interested in going outside with the chilling weather but as soon as the sun is up again, everyone goes out and enjoys the garden.

Sales Months for Log Homes

In the span of 12 months, the garden and log cabin industry goes through the same cycle in terms of their sales growth and movement. Sales of log cabins usually start in January since people are preparing and looking forward to the spring season. The highest crescendo in the log home sales is in March and April. After these peak months, sales begin to steadily drop until the summer holidays. Most investors and buyers have renewed interest on log cabins especially when the weather remains good and sunny. There are instances when September and October have higher sales records, especially on bigger log buildings and structures including garages.


The Clock Changes Again

As soon as the weather takes a turn for the worse, the clock quickly changes in the log cabin niche. A lot of manufacturers of log cabins begin dropping prices because of the slow and, at times, no sales when the months of November and December approach. Clever and canny customers take advantage of the slow months and the low prices of log cabins and most of these buyers are certified property investors. If you want to get a great log home with significantly lower prices, the best time to buy in 2017 is when everyone else is not buying. If you know how the wooden house and garden industry works, you’ll know that the offseason is the best time to indulge in log houses.

Therefore, the peak season is the worst time of the year to buy a log home. These are the months of January, February, March, and April when sales growth reaches its peak as well as do cabin prices. If you want a major investment for your log cabin, the best time to invest is late autumn and the early months of winter, simply because prices are at their lowest possible. The months of November, December, and early January is when it is more lucrative to invest in log cabins. Other important reasons why you should consider wooden house buying during these months include:


   *  Retailers want to remove stocks in their inventory or warehouse to restock for the new season, thus they offer markdown prices and discounts on their log homes.

   *  The prices of timber, along with timber related products, start to rise potentially between mid-January and early February, so make sure you take advantage of the lowest rates before the peak season officially begins.

   *  During the latter part of January and early February, haulers will be renegotiating their prices and costs. Log or timber transportation is one of the major components of your expenses when buying or constructing a log house structure. Transact with haulers and transporters while their service rates are at their lowest.

   *  Retailers need to maintain their business cash flow meaning any sales, whether they is discounted or not, will make a huge difference. You can basically demand a price at your convenience and retailers would be more than happy to accommodate your offer rather than no cash flow at all.


   *  The quiet months guarantee the best services because manufacturers are not swamped or busy with delivery, construction, and other demands from a huge bulk of customers. Thus, they can readily accommodate you offering substantial attention to your needs and demands simply because there are fewer or no other clients to attend to at the moment.

   *  Quiet months offer lots of deals on log cabins since prices will be discounted in order to encourage and maintain sales. Buying a log house in 2017 is a lucrative form of investment especially if you follow the advice of the experts and do not follow the trend. Once the demand is at its peak, manufacturers are in a good place to demand their prices as well.

The Opposite is True for Log Home Sellers

If you are planning to place your log house on the market, the best time to do this is during the peak months when you can actually put a more lucrative rate on your timber house. February to April is the months when people look for the best log cabins available. You cannot put your property on the market during the quiet months because it would reek of desperation and cunning customers can smell that from afar. You can have your log house renovated and home staged during these months so that you’ll be all set for a sales promotion when the time is right.

The best time to buy log cabins in 2017 is when everyone else is not looking for an investment or planning a purchase. Dare to be different and make sure that you’ve looked into all your options before you shell out cash for a log home.

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