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Log Cabin Windowsill – The Type of Windowsill You Should Choose

A log cabin windowsill is basically the surface that is located at the bottom of the window. The trim’s bottom piece or the ledge that can hold plants and other objects at the bottom of the window is an integral component of this part of the cabin. Sills are basically an element of the window trim which can function in various ways. Log cabin windowsills help prevent rain from entering the log home through the window. They also make the window more energy efficient.


Windowsill – Log Cabin Facts and Types

A windowsill or the window trim is inclusive of the side jambs, the head casing, and the apron. The apron, for instance, is the component or attached piece that connects the trim to the wall and is beneath the sill. The head casing, apron, and side jambs all play a crucial role in making the window of a high-quality structure as well as in keeping the elements of nature out of the log cabin.

Types of Windowsill

Log cabin windowsills and trims cover gaps in the windows and further the decorative and aesthetic appeal of the overall window structure. Different home architectural styles have a matching windowsill style and feature. You can find simple to more complex designs with corresponding functions and aesthetic values. It basically depends on the discretion and the personal style of the homeowner as to which type of windowsill they wish to use for their log cabin.

There are 2 main types of windowsill for a log house:

  1. Interior Windowsill

As the name implies, the interior windowsill is located in the interior or inside portion of the log cabin. They are basically integral parts of the window trim and can provide a classy and finished look. The interior log cabin windowsill is made up of 2 components, namely the shelf and the apron. The shelf is the bottom or base of the window while the stool or apron is the decorative trim located underneath the shelf.


  1. Exterior Windowsill

The windowsill located at the outer portion of the house plays a vital role in the overall aesthetic appeal of your log cabin. There are several exterior windowsills to choose from, depending on the variety and length of the window frames as well as the widths of the wall thickness. Exterior log cabin windowsills function as the key accent to your log home, with elegant designs that could draw attention while holding objects such as plants for a better look.

Different Designs for a Log Cabin Windowsill

Whether you have a Victorian, Prairie, and Craftsman window trim moulding, you can match them with the most popular designs for your log cabin windowsill. Your cottage style greatly influences the ideal choice for the windowsill ranging from Provencal, Victorian, Colonial, to English themes, all accentuated with rosettes and fluted trims.

What designs are perfect for your log cabin windowsill?

Your imagination is the only limit as to the design you are going to use for your windowsill. For instance, you can utilize the windowsill as a display spot for your flower pots and herbs. Windowsills could also be accentuated and enhanced with beautiful drapes and curtains that highlight this element of the window. However, there are other design options that would certainly boost the looks in your log cabin, not to mention protect the indoors from the elements through an effective flashing system.


Check out some design ideas for your log house windowsill:

For Collectibles and Souvenirs

Use the bottommost window space to display and highlight your favourite items, collectibles, and souvenirs. It’s best to choose just a few of your valuables and not all of them lest it becomes a sloppy corner for your mixed items.

As a Workplace Extension

The windowsill in your log cabin could also become a practical space where you can place some important stuff that you use in your workspace. If you have a cosy corner in the log house which you use as your home office or workspace, you most probably have a limited area to work with. Comfortably place your books or office supplies on the windowsill if you are still planning on a full-fledged private office or work area.

As a Cupboard Windowsill

Maximize the available spaces inside the log cabin through improvising your windowsill. Use the windowsill is a practical storage area from canned fruits to cosmetics. Using this window space as a locker or cupboard sill is a wise way to use the space and organize your stuff and avoid overcrowding of the area.

As a Sink Sill

Windowsills in the kitchen of the log cabin could be converted into a sink, meaning you can wash your dishes while enjoying the view outside. You can also have a sink windowsill in the bathroom to maximize the space in this area in your log home.


As a Nursery/Children’s Room Storage

Create the perfect room for your kids in your log cabin and incorporate windowsill storage and a display area. Store books, toys, and other important baby stuffs in the improvised sill space and you’ll get a beautiful area while maximizing the place and organizing your children’s stuff in the room.

As a Nook/Den Extension

Your own cosy and private nook in the log cabin is made even better with the windowsill used as the extension of your favourite area. Install a sofa where you can lounge and enjoy your favourite book on a lazy and relaxing day. You can also improvise the bottom of the sofa and use it as a storage unit for your books and other what-not.

As a Pet Corner

When designing the window area in your log cabin, think about your pets and how they would love to sit by that place. The windowsill is perfect for your furry best friend to lounge and sit while waiting for you to come home. Small mattresses or artificial fur on the window sill will make a difference.


There are different types and designs for your log cabin windowsill. Invest in this essential window component and enjoy the perks it has to offer.

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