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Log Cabin Treatment

We all know that wood is natural and very sensitive material. It is easily attacked by various pests and affected by environmental factors. Rodents and other insects not only assemble the structure of the wood, but also spoils its texture. Most of pests leave holes in the boards and the log cabin collapse in time. When talking about the impact of weather, the biggest damage is done by direct sunlight and moisture excess. One factor spoils the appearance of the exterior, causes cracks and fades the natural color of the timber. Humidity is the second factor responsible for mold, fungi and rot. They can soak deeply into the wood and soften it. Then all the constructions will certainly collapse in a short time period. Why because special maintenance is necessary.

one of examples of wooden cabin treatment

A well maintained wooden structure such as your log cabin can last for centuries. The surface treatment or painting with nowadays’ technologies can extend its lifetime, and protect it from external threats, such as moisture, fungus or UVS. The treatment does not only preserve the wood, but also enhances the building`s appearance.

In order to treat your log cabin the right way, you will need time, patience and knowledge about few basic concepts. Obviously, good-quality preserver is essential for a good result. Once chosen, you will only have to prepare it for the task.

It is easier to prepare a new facade of a log cabin, from which you will only have to take off the dust; than an old one, from which you will also have to remove the previous painting coat. It is essential to also check if there isn’t too much mould or fungus, and wipe them out with a product designed for it, to spread from the bottom to the top (to avoid some parts to remain uncovered after the dripping). Then, wash it with water and let it dry. You shall plan on applying the topcoat few days after, until a maximum of three months for the latest.

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