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Log cabin Sunflower for summer

Summer is the time to relax and enjoy the sun, but too much exposure to the sun can be dangerous and can burn your skin. However, with due care you can enjoy a fantastic summer. To make the most of the summer it is advisable that you choose your abode wisely and among the top options available on the market today is the log cabin “Summer House Sunflower Plus”.


This exquisite log cabin is the perfect summer retreat. Made from the slow growing Scandinavian spruce or Nordic pine, this cabin protects the interiors from the scorching heat outside. No matter how hot it is outside, the interior will remain cosy and relatively cooler. The double-glazed windows and doors further prevent the heat from entering the house and the fine quality timber used for the construction of this home ensures that it remains in the perfect condition for many summers to come.

The comfort offered by the Summer House Sunflower is not just limited to its interiors. The overhang of its vertical roof provides shade on the outside as well, meaning you can sit under it and relax on a lazy summer afternoon. The high quality Scandinavian spruce or Nordic pine gives the log cabin a rustic look making it appear more natural and elegant. The glass panes in the windows and doors are 4mm thick ensuring that insulation is maintained. No plastic component is used in this cabin and it is made entirely of premium quality material. The cabin is constructed using tongue and groove boards for the roof and floor, which are included in the quoted price.


Technical Specifications

Roof and Floor

The floor of the house has pressure treated heavy duty floor bearers with dimensions of 70mm X 50mm. For the roof and the floor, 20mm thickness tongue and groove boards are used. For those who want additional protection from moisture, there is the option to use premium felt material for the roof covering, which will further help increase the insulation and increase the life of the cabin.



Only premium grade Natural Certified Scandinavian spruce or Nordic pine is used for the building of this house. These wood types are denser and provide natural protection from extreme weather conditions. They also have a long life and are robust, meaning low wear and tear and low cost repair and maintenance.


The house has external dimensions of 500cm width X 300cm depth and internal dimensions of 280cm width X 280cm depth. It has an additional space of 200cm outside the cabin which is covered under the roof. The walls have a thickness of 28mm and the total roof area is 20 square metres. The roof overhang extends 20cm. The eaves have a height of 210cm and the ridge height is 220cm. The minimum base needed for constructing this cabin is 284cm X 484cm.


Doors and Windows

The log cabin has a single, double door that has a width of 144cm and a height of 187cm. There are two windows in the house that have a height of 130cm and width of 70cm. The door and the windows have single-glazed 4mm thickness glass panes. The door and windows have durable steel hinges that can bear around 100,000 openings. These hinges are strong enough to keep your house extremely safe and secure.

Other specifications

The log cabin has a single room with a double door and two windows. The additional space outside the cabin is uncovered from two sides allowing for enough area to have a couple of chairs and a table for relaxing outside the house.



The house is made of fine quality wood, which in itself is an assurance of long life and durability. However, if for any reason there is any rotting, there is a five-year anti-rot warranty, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.


The Summer House Sunflower is a brilliantly designed and well-structured log cabin. It has every quality that one can expect from a summer home made of wood. The excellence in design is matched with the strength and durability of the house. It is an ideal choice for a summer home, especially one surrounded by a garden, making it a part of the surrounding nature.

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