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POOLHOUSE 13’ X 10’ Insulated Log Cabin

If you are looking for that perfect poolhouse where you can spend holidays and weekends with families and also invite friends and relatives for a vacation or Christmas, the Insulated Log Cabin POOLHOUSE is exactly what you need. A poolhouse made of wooden logs is the perfect companion for any pool to give the entire set-up a perfectly natural look. The qualities of this poolhouse keep it well-insulated so that no matter how bad the weather is outside, it will always be comfortable inside.


The best thing about this poolhouse is the way it is insulated. Wood has natural insulating properties both thermal and noise. It absorbs noise and prevents the loss and transfer of heat. Hence, living in a log cabin is a fantastic experience with little noise and comfortable internal temperature. The speciality of the Insulated Log Cabin POOLHOUSE is that it is no ordinary log cabin, but has been designed specifically for installation next to a pool, having double walls and glazed windows along with excellent insulation for roof and floors.

The roof and the floor of the poolhouse consist of 25mm or 50mm Celotex or Kingspan insulation boards to provide additional insulation. It has a triple gable roof construction and 130mm X 60mm roof joists. The cabin has double walls and each one of them has a thickness of 44mm. The walls have a gap of 70mm between them, and you have the option of installing 50mm or 100mm Celotex or Kingspan insulation board. The cavity between the walls further increases the insulation. The doors and windows are double glazed, and the glass panes have a thickness of 4mm. There is a gap of 6mm between the glass panes, which enhances the insulation even more. Buyers also have the option to buy 5 chamber PVC windows.


The high level of insulation makes it the perfect place to be used at any time of the year. In winter, especially during Christmas, you can enjoy the pool’s view through your window sitting comfortably in your poolhouse. In the summers, while you can enjoy a nice swim in the pool, it is even more relaxing to sit and laze in your cosy wooden cabins.


Roof and Floor

The roof has a triple gable construction and roof joists measuring 130mm X 60mm. It provides strong support to the roof and prevents it from sagging. The option of Celotex or Kingspan insulation boards for the roof and the floor ensures that the cabin remains protected from the external weather and noise. The roof and floor are made of 20mm thickness tongue and groove boards, which make them robust and resilient to wear and tear or any other damage from the weather or other natural elements.



The minimum base needed for the cabin is 384cm X 284cm. The total area required for its installation is 12 square metres, and the roof area is 15 square metres. The roof overhang area is 10cm. The external dimensions are 400cm (width) X 300cm (depth). The height of the eaves is 213cm, while the height of the ridge is 249cm. The walls have a thickness of 44mm each.


The timber used for the construction of this cabin is Natural Certified Nordic Pine or Scandinavian Spruce. This high-quality timber improves the insulation immensely and keeps the interior cosy and comfortable, along with protecting the inner parts of the house from noise. The walls and the roof remain in good condition and are resilient to the weather conditions and rot and do not develop cracks or holes.


Door and windows

The poolhouse has one door which measures 131cm (width) X 187cm (height). There are four windows to the poolhouse, which measure 70cm (width) X 141cm (height). The door and windows have double glazing. The glass has a thickness of 4mm, and the door and windows have double glass panes with a cavity of 6mm.

Other Specifications

The cabin has one room which is quite spacious.


Poolhouse has an anti-rot warranty for ten years.

The poolhouse is the perfect vacation or holiday home, allowing you to spend some quality time with your family and friends in a peaceful and natural environment.

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