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Log Cabin Olymp: A Multi-Function Haven for the Outdoors

Nothing beats the restful and serene retreat you get in an Olymp wooden cabin. Log cabins are timeless places of abode where you can enjoy a respite and be close to nature. Through the years, log cabins have evolved from the classic simple lodge to more complex and multi-functional venues. Nowadays, log cabins offer the widest array of features and benefits for owners, especially outdoor enthusiasts. This liveable space option could become an integral structure for your primary residence or a standalone building for a gym or an outdoor office.


Log Cabin Olymp Basic Features

It is essential to know the dimensional features of the Olymp log cabin before you decide to commit to this investment. Log cabins are practical and viable investments to begin with, however, you need to make sure that you choose the right cabin to maximize its functionality. Here are some of the fundamental measurements and dimensions of the Olymp Log Cabin as a form of reference:


Basic Specifications

According to the Olymp log cabin manufacturer, the cabin is measured at 12 square metres in overall area. The internal dimensions of the structure are 380cm x 280cm or 12’5” x 9’2” in width and depth. The external measurements in terms of width and depth are 400cm x 300cm or 13’1” x 9’10”. The standard 44mm walls make the structure resistant to the elements outside, especially from the heat or freezing cold. The walls are likewise amenable to modification as a twin skin. The modified wall offers a wall measurement of 44mm plus 50mm insulation board plus 44mm walls. The modifications and upgrades allow owners to make use of this cosy cabin for the entire year and not encounter damage and repair issues.


More Log Cabin Designs

The Olymp log cabin  is a remarkable building where you can experience comfort in a place that you can strategically position outdoors. It is a great investment that could even boost your property’s overall market value. The exquisite and innovative designs of the cabin make the structure even more rewarding at an aesthetic level. The cabin showcases the separate panes of double-glazed glass with 44mm dimensions. You needn’t worry about additional costs because the glass feature is inclusive in the selling price of the cabin.

The Olymp log cabin is a one-room structure made from high quality and natural certified Nordic pine and Scandinavian spruce. This type of wood material is widely known and preferred for its sturdy and lasting feature. Thus, the cabin offers an impressive 10-year anti-rot warranty. Scandinavian spruce and Nordic pine also brings out a fascinating aesthetic that guarantees curb appeal. The important thing is that you can enjoy this thing of beauty for a really long time.


More Technical Details

The Olymp log cabin’s ridge height is 249cm or 8’2”, while its roof overhang is 50cm or 1’7”. The eaves height is 210cm or 6’10”. The roof material consists of the 20mm thick tongue and groove boards which are also the composite of the floors. The door dimensions in width and height are 144cm x 187cm for a single unit. The windows measure 70cm x 100cm in width and height for 2 units. Finally, the minimum base required for the cabin is 384cm x 284cm. One of the best things about investing in the Olymp log cabin is that distributors also offer professional advice about building regulation matters and basic planning permission. Services such as concrete base layering are likewise available.


Why choose the Log Cabin Olymp?

Throughout their existence in the market, log cabins have been highly recommended for countless of reasons. There are various benefits to enjoy when you invest in high grade and innovative log cabins such as the Olymp model. For instance, the top quality materials of the cabin are better resistant to moulds and rot. The strong features of the Olymp Log cabin are due to its slow-grow conifer timber. The northern grown wood material is much denser, thus it offers better natural protection against moulds and rotting issues.

Recreate an outstanding outdoor experience without leaving your home. Invest in home updates and additions such as the Olymp Log Cabin. It offers comfort and practicality in one amazing cottage.

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