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Ecological and Durable Choice - Log Cabin Homes

These days there are basically two kinds of housing construction. There are the standard constructed wood frame houses that are most commonly framed with soft pine wood and the much sturdier homes that are framed by interlocking timbers that are used to build log cabin homes.

Needless to say, there is little comparison in the two types of homes as far as durability goes. So if you need a reason why to consider a sturdy economic friendly log cabin home the next time you build, you can’t get a much better one than how solidly constructed they are.

Here are some very compelling reasons to build a log cabin home the next time you want to build a new home.

   1  Renewable Resources

For those of you that are into helping the world become a greener place, there is no better way to do that than by building your house out of natural log construction. Wood is an abundant renewable resource that blends into any setting seamlessly and does so in a way that reduces your carbon footprint and introduces very little adverse toxins into the environment.


The majority of your home construction project will contain environmentally friendly components that once the home is taken down, they will then naturally decompose over time the way nature meant things to be.

There are a lot of environmentally friendly products that are manufactured these days to use on the other parts of your new home; these will make the whole project a lot greener and have less environmental impact.

   2  Thermal Mass

Wood homes are not only environmentally friendly they are energy efficient too.

Owning a log cabin home will greatly reduce your carbon footprint in this area also.

Wood logs are a naturally dense material; consider them to be a construction product that has its own built in insulation.

Because wood logs have what is called ‘thermal mass’ (naturally thick and composed of insulating properties) there is no need to add such things as nasty fiberglass insulation or other types of insulation to the construction project.

Log cabin homes will stay naturally warmer when heat is added in the winter time and are naturally cooler during the summer months too.

So not only does wood log construction look great, it also helps to keep your home at a cozy and comfortable temperature and save you money on your energy bill in the process.

   3  Strength

Unless you are building your home with commercial grade I-beam construction, you will not find a home that is sturdier than a log cabin home when finished.

Log cabin homes have a well-earned reputation of being able to stand up to the elements very well in even the roughest of environments.

While other homes around them have crumbled to the ground during such natural disasters as floods, tornadoes and hurricanes; log cabin homes have almost miraculously survived these things virtually unscathed at times.

That alone is a huge testament to the strength of a home that is built with interlocking logs. Because of the way these logs fit together, it gives them the durability  that simply does not exist in other types of home construction.

   4  Resistant to Weather and the Elements

Not only does wood log construction hold up well to natural disasters and other severe forms of constructional stress but it also wears very well. That means you can build a log cabin home in just about any type of environment.

They hold up well against such things as salt spray from the ocean, snow load in the winter and other seasonal conditions that might break down or wear other types of construction quicker.

That means that the resulting maintenance on your log cabin home should be less than other homes that are constructed of such materials as wood siding and aluminum.

The exterior of a log cabin home only needs to be pressure washed once a year with a solution that kills mold and mildew and treated every five years with a good coat of easy to apply stain.

   5  Simplicity in Décor and Convenience

Many people like you have experienced how difficult it is to do something as simple as hanging a picture up in a home.

Most homes are built with a layer of insulation near the outside wall that needs to be covered on the inside wall by a material that is composed of either sheetrock, stucco, or some other hard substance.

Getting a simple hook in the wall can take as much as an hour and require a lot of drilling and screwing.

That same job in a log cabin home only requires a few taps with a hammer since your inner walls are the same wood that makes up the outside walls.  The entire inside of the house can act as a base for any type of decorating you wish to do.

  6  Looks

It goes without saying that log homes look great no matter where you build them. They are not just a convenience type home that gets built only on the prairie or in the mountains as they are often stereotyped to be.

They are very versatile in what you can do with their looks both inside and outside the home. You can even do such things as make log garden boxes, log playground toys and log garages out of them to go with your log cabin home.

The combination of the fine wood in the log cabin home and the fine wood in the other decorative yard structures really will complement each other.

So there you have it: When you combine the looks, the durability of the construction, the longevity of the structure, their energy savings and their environmental benefits; there really is no other type of home construction that comes close to the strength and durability of natural log cabin construction.

Millions of homeowners in all parts of the world are enjoying the benefits of these environmentally friendly, functional and beautiful looking log cabin homes.

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