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Useful Tips How to Finish Your Cabin

One of the main advantages of  wooden log cabins is that they do not require any special finish on the outside or on the inside. The natural timber texture serves as a perfect decoration for this. As the timber used in the manufacturing process is a natural material, a log cabin made from timber 'breathes', eliminating the issue of a feeling of suffocating or dry air in it.

Once such a structure has been assembled, it is necessary to paint it and treat it with wood preserver. Timber coated with wood preserver and then painted not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also ensures that the timber is resistant to moisture, rot, insects and fungus. So, it is important you choose a quality wood preserver and paint for your  log cabin, especially the outside, and it is highly recommended that you repeat the procedure of treatment annually.

Interior walls can be protected with oil. Covering timber with oil contributes to making the texture of the timber more vivid, reduces the extent of timber soiling, and creates a matt surface effect. The main advantage of covering timber with oil is that, unlike varnish, oil does not crack even after some considerable time has passed. In order to add some colour to the inner cabin walls, they can be painted with special paint designed to cover the timber inside the cabin. Covering timber with varnish also highlights the timber’s texture and beauty, however, it is not recommended that you use it as it blocks the timber’s pores and hence creates an obstacle for natural timber 'breathing'.

Though under close consideration it could be said that taking care of a log cabin requires probably a little more effort than a lot of people imagine when first thinking about purchasing one, we can guarantee that it is still worth buying one because of the simple construction, easy assembly and a fascinating look that matches one's garden environment.

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