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5 Key Points to Know Before Buying a Residential Cabin

A log house is a brilliant method to live in the lap of nature and enjoy a lifestyle that is healthy and peaceful. The serene and clean environment offered by a log cabin is unmatched and for those living in overcrowded cities will find living in a residential cabin a boon.

The freshness of the air and the tranquil ambience, far away from the pollution of the city is indeed one of the best ways to live.

However, before you consider leaving your concrete abode in the city and moving to a residential cabin away from the city, there are few factors which must be meticulously considered before you take the leap.

Let’s look at some of the most important points that you must consider while buying a residential cabin:

   1  Location of the Residential Cabin

A plan to move to a residential cabin is primarily based on the need to move away from the fast-paced city life and living in a peaceful atmosphere. It is the reason why log cabins are generally situated away from the population and generally in secluded areas.

While this may ensure a calm and quiet environment, there can be certain constraints that might have negative effect.

Safety is one of the issues when planning to buy a log home (more information about log homes). Apart from the natural lifestyle it offers, it is equally important to ensure that the vicinity of your cabin is safe from any harm. Similarly, it must also be ensured that the residential cabin is safe from hazards such as fire or away from places that can cause fire.

It is equally important to ensure that the location where your residential cabin has an easy connectivity to important places such as a hospital, market or a city or town.

You would have to travel to work in the city and even if you do not have to, it is crucial that you have an easy access to hospitals and other important places. There could be medical emergencies or even for basic sustenance you will need an easy access to such places.

   2  Quality of the Wood

The timber used for the construction of the residential cabin must be of good quality.

There are several variants of wood available for constructing log cabins; however it is important to find the right one based on your need and budget.

When you decide to buy a cabin, it is critical that you must check whether the quality of timber used is capable of meeting your requirements.

It is possible that you may plan to live in the cabin for a long time and therefore the wood quality must be good enough to sustain it for long.

Check the quality of the wood to ensure that it is capable of sustenance till the time you plan to reside in the cabin.

 Check when the cabin was constructed to get an idea how long will the wood survive in the future.

 If the cabin is already constructed, check the price of similar wood in the market and accordingly pay for the cabin.

 Check if there are any fissures in the interiors and if there are any then have they been plugged. This will give an idea of the quality of the wood and its ability to survive harsh climatic conditions.

   3  Design of the Residential Cabin

A well designed residential cabin requires meticulous planning and perfect execution of the design at the time of its construction. An appropriately designed cabin helps reduce costs significantly and also improves the efficiency of the utilisation of the floor space.

An appropriate design is needed to determine the perfect locations of the rooms, their sizes and other features.

Few critical points to be considered while designing a cabin:

   *  Get the cabin designed from an experienced architecture.

   *  The actual construction must be done by an efficient contractor.

   *  Hire the services of an experienced interior decorator. This will help you with finding the right décor for your wooden abode and also make efficient utilisation of the space inside your wooden house.

   4  Proper Ventilation

The reason why anyone would want to live in a residential cabin is breathing good quality and clean air. Therefore, while buying a residential cabin, it is crucial that you check the ventilation system of your cabin.

The doors and windows must be appropriately positioned and the cabin must have the right ventilation system. It is important that the carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses are pumped out of the house and fresh air easily enters. A proper ventilation system is important for the supply of clean and breathable air.

   5  Energy Efficiency

Residential cabins are considered to be far more efficient in terms of their utilisation of energy as compared to concrete structures. Wooden logs used for the construction of log cabins themselves act as good insulators and prevents the heat from escaping. This helps in naturally maintaining the internal temperatures of the house irrespective of the external climatic conditions.

A well-designed residential cabin helps reduce energy cost by 20 to 30 percent and also reduces the volume of pollutants released in the atmosphere by the artificial temperature control equipment. This further helps to reduce the carbon footprint.

While buying a residential cabin, please ensure that the cabin complies with the below specifications:

   *  The positioning of the cabin should be in the right direction based on the surroundings of the house.

   *  The timber quality is good to prevent energy loss.

   *  The windows must allow sufficient natural light to enter into the house. This will reduce the requirement of artificial lighting.

   *  The ventilation system should be designed and installed efficiently to ensure that fresh natural air enters the house while CO2 and other gases are exited.

   *  The construction of the house should be compact enough to prevent heat loss.

Wooden cabins are a great way to live a natural life. It has several physical and mental health benefits. With the right analysis and planning, it is possible for you to identify and buy the right log cabin for your requirements that facilitates a healthy living and is also cost efficient.

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