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How to Keep your Residential Log Cabin More Natural

A residential log cabin is one of the most popular choices in the real estate market nowadays. This structural type now leans more towards becoming a primary residential option rather than just a holiday home. Log structures have come a long way from their former distinct locations in Europe such as Russia, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe and the U.S. In fact, log cabins are now celebrated and sought-after parts of American architecture. One of the most pressing concerns among log cabin owners and would-be buyers is on how to keep the log home more natural.


Secrets of an All-Natural Residential Log Cabin

What makes a residential log structure more natural? Log homes are uniquely natural due to their features, inside and out. Log house differ in sizes, styles, landscapes, interior designs, accessories, and so much more. However, the most common feature of log structures all around the globe is its sense of naturalness that you will never be able to see or feel in other home types.

There are extensive residential log cabin choices that make lucrative and profitable investments. The property and market value of your log home highly depends on numerous factors, such as its exterior and interior features. Most log cabin investors and renters are looking for a sense of naturalness, of going back to the basics. So, how do you make your log home more natural?

Start with the Landscape

The curb appeal of your log home, secluded or distant from prying eyes as it may be, still has a huge impact on its overall quality. Log cabins instantly feel organic and natural starting from what you see on the outside. Make your landscape resemble and highlight the true beauty of its natural backdrop.


Make your residential log cabin naturally beautiful through emphasizing natural landscapes from the trees and the flowers to the vegetable and herb gardens. These are just a few of the elements you can add to make it look more natural. Add structures to boost your landscape, such as a small gazebo or pergola, wooden or log garden benches and tables, and shrubs.

Stone pathways are also great additions to your residential log cabin landscape. It not only offers aesthetic appeal, but it also allows practical and easy access to your cabin. Your options are endless in beautifying your log home and boosting its curb appeal.

Choose a Theme

The best log house should be thematic. It is not just a good pointer for a cohesive interior design, it also makes it much easier for you to decorate and find matching décor or ornaments to accessorize the cabin. You can start with the usual activities you do when you are in your log home if you are using it as a holiday home. If it is your primary residence, choosing a theme helps you express your lifestyle and personality through the residential log cabin.

Some of the most popular themes to choose from include lakes, nature, wildlife, western ranches, retro, and even futuristic and modern layouts. Themes follow their own distinct taste that you can achieve through finding the appropriate decorative accessories, furniture, and others.


Naturalize the Ceilings and Walls

An all-natural log home shows all the basic features from the ground up or vice versa. You can start with your ceilings then your walls with the genuinely natural log home design. Give your log home a more rustic look through using log materials with their recognizable texture and panels. Horizontal groove-wood panels, for instance, give your ceiling a rugged and natural appearance. Use the same genuine log materials for your walls.

Windows and Flooring

The residential log cabin flooring is usually composed of wide plants with natural colours. There are hardwood choices, however these materials are quite expensive. Nevertheless, you can still achieve that natural aesthetic without breaking the bank. For instance, use laminate instead of the expensive hardwood, it offers the same effect with the added benefit of things such as durability, scratch-resistance, and easy installation.


Rustic, laid-back, and country-like cabin furnishing with that seemingly “dusty” effect makes the log home cosier and natural. Bring nature inside the residential log cabin with the right furniture to achieve your goals. Unfinished wood for the chairs, tables, and cabinets usually gives that naturally seamless effect. Use genuine logs or fur as your decorative accessories. Go for authentic furnishing all throughout the cabin. This means having natural accents and interior designs in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.



Lighting plays a crucial role in making your residential log cabin more natural. It boosts the cosiness, warmth, and pleasant ambiance inside the log home. Lighting fixtures and proper lighting in general achieve the rustic feel and mood of your cabin. There are more dramatic lighting options such as antler chandeliers for high ceilings. Use birch bark lamps or even vintage metal candlesticks for a more rustic and old-fashioned approach.

Add More Natural Accents

There are other decorative elements that could naturally boost the organic look and feel of a wooden house. Check out the following interior design features and enjoy their beautiful effects inside the log home:

  • Fireplace. Log homes have fireplaces. That is like the divine rule for most log home enthusiasts. Sparkling fireplaces radiate a genuinely natural ambiance from the stones and bricks to the hoarse wooden mantel.
  • Iron Balustrade. Wrought iron and wood logs also work wonders for your log home. It also makes it more natural with a sophisticated twist. The combination of wood and wrought iron materials gives your residential log cabin a sense of simplicity and strength.
  • Decoration. The final touch is in the other decorations inside the log home. Antique vases, large wooden clocks, iron cookware, and painted pottery are popular choices.

A residential log cabin is one of the most lucrative investments you will ever make. It offers a welcoming place of respite and relaxation and it gives you a sanctuary that is in the bosom of nature. Make your log cabin natural from inside and out.

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