Julian's Uzes 2-Bedroom Residential Log Cabin

residential log cabin exteriorJulian Gladstone was looking for a chalet to be situated out in the countryside in France, where he and his family could spend their vacation. We advised him to take a look at the Uzes residential log cabin. With its 58mm-thick walls and reinforced roof joists making this log cabin very solid and stable. log cabin with a landscape of a mountainsThis residential log cabin consists of two bedrooms, a sitting room, a kitchen and bathroom, meaning it is just perfect to spend weekends or holidays in it. log cabin terraceAs a result Julian found this log hosue very attractive for him and subsequently ordered it. We made it, had it delivered within 5 weeks and installed within 3 days. And here is the result ‒ the pictures speak for themselves. log cabin interiorlog cabin sitting roomlog cabin kitchenlog cabin bedroomlog cabin bathroomWe are very proud and happy that Julian is satisfied with his residential log cabin and we look forward to seeing it serve him for many decades to come.

4 thoughts on “Julian's Uzes 2-Bedroom Residential Log Cabin”

  • Hello, I like this type of cabin, please can you supply costs?

    thank you John Paterson

  • i would like to know if i wil be needed planing permission for cabin.thanks

    • Hi, Svetlana.
      According to general planning permission rules, the single storey outbuildings having up to 4 metres height dual-pitched roof(ridged roof) or up to 3 meters height single-pitched roof (flat roof), up to 2.5 metres height eaves, do not require planning permission. If built within 2m of the boundary, the ridge height is to be 2.5m in order to comply with current planning permission. If built more than 2m from any boundary, the height limit increases to 4m. However, it also depends upon where the cabin is positioned and if it is going to be used as a living space or not. If the cabin is going to be used as a permanent residence, it will definitely require a planning permission. Also, there might be certain local restrictions, that’s why we recommend our customers to check it with their local planning authorities.

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