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Customer Story: Juergen & Andrea - Cosily Settled in Their Lovely Wooden Home in Alcala de Xivert (Spain)

After more than 10 years of travelling through Southern Europe in a camper van, Juergen and his wife Andrea decided to finally settle down in a charming wooden oasis which Juergen built with his own hands. After evaluating numerous housing options, the couple has decided to go for a prefabricated wooden house, chose our company as their partner for this journey and never looked back.

Juergen and his wife have chosen a plot in a high-end campsite in Alcala de Xivert – a charming Spanish town located 10 km from the sea (accessible in 15 minutes by car). The town is located approx. 120 km to Valencia and 230 km to Barcelona which can be easily accessed via well-developed motorways or by modern and comfortable trains.

Visit Juergen & Andrea to explore their beautiful wooden home

The owners are open to interested visitors making an appointment and exploring their wooden residence – they have lots of practical tips and insights to share. If you would like to transfer your life to a wooden oasis like this and happen to be in the region, visiting Juergen and Andrea could be a great idea to consider making the whole project implementation process much easier for you. Contact us to make an appointment with the owner in advance and explore the stylish & sturdy wooden construction directly by yourself!

Evaluating The Alternatives And Finding The Right Solution

Choosing the right house wasn’t the easiest decision to make for Juergen and Andrea – a “regular” house was ruled out in the beginning due to the high costs. The couple initially considered a mobile home; however, the price/value ratio was highly disproportionate. Also, the load-bearing capacity of the floor was very limited, which was a significant factor for the owners to be able to store their furniture and a huge personal library of books. According to Juergen, used mobile homes, due to their condition and price, were even less convincing.

„We ruled out renting a flat or a house for various reasons. We wanted to have "something of our own". It had to offer enough living space and be affordable. We quickly came to the conclusion that the quality of the new mobile houses offered and the prices charged were grossly disproportionate. So, we came comparatively quickly to the log cabins. For the price of an inferior second-hand mobile home, we could buy a new log cabin. This gave us the opportunity to get a new (!) house at an affordable price that would optimally meet our wishes in terms of the floor plan, living space and design possibilities.“ - Juergen

Initially, Juergen was a bit worried about the whole prefabricated wooden house purchasing process, especially in terms of delivery. However, he came up with an innovative solution: he purchased the small log cabin DREUX first, successfully assembled it himself, and after everything went smoothly, he ordered the main one.

A Perfect Living Space Arrangement

Juergen has chosen two products from our assortment: a gorgeous wooden house DONNA with a spacious terrace as the main residential space and a compact cabin DREUX which serves as a garden lounging area. Juergen named the main house ANDREA, which is also the first name of his wife. The customer has shared that he was delighted with our vast assortment as well as friendly and reliable customer support. 

“What we can say: For anyone who wants to build a wooden house with their own strength - and perhaps with the help of friends - at a reasonable price, this company is an ideal partner! A large number of different models and the possibility of having changes made to the floor plan at a reasonable price will suit anyone who is interested. I would also like to note that we have found the Sales Manager to be a very friendly and committed business partner throughout the entire period.” - Juergen


An Extraordinary Feeling Of Building Your Home With Your Own Hands

We often hear stories from our customers sharing how much they enjoy the opportunity to build a prefabricated wooden house entirely on their own. If you feel like it, we encourage you to give this opportunity a try! Juergen was not an exception in this case, and he genuinely enjoyed the process from start to finish:

“I built both houses completely on my own - almost without any outside help. The foundations and plumbing were done by a specialist company, as I do not have these qualifications. Only impregnation and varnishing of the wooden parts were supported by friends due to lack of time. The construction documents provided for both houses and the clear labelling of all wooden components were a great help in building both houses.” - Juergen

If reading about Juergen’s construction experience sparks joy and wonder in you, and you recognize yourself in this story - the one who enjoys creating or building things on your own - our prefabricated wooden houses are an excellent opportunity to express these skills. 

Making Your Chosen Prefabricated House Feel Like Home

At, we provide our customers with a functional and stylish house to make it a home. Looking through the pictures of Juergen and Andrea's residential setting, we can feel how much love and effort was put into creating this home. It seems that each little detail and interior element has found its perfect place in there. 

What is the most adorable feature of this house? Is it the spacious living room of more than 40 m² that tempts you to linger, especially on cooler evenings? Or is it the covered terrace that invites the owners and guests to sit down in the summer afternoon or evening and admire the beauty they have created?

The view from the terrace is truly spectacular, and the setting with all the greenery and a cosy lounging corner is simply gorgeous! The garden deserves a separate round of appreciation! Chestnut colour exterior varnish adds a distinctive look and highlights the beauty of the wooden structures.  

Juergen has even made some extra outdoor furniture and a storage unit from the leftover wooden parts - what a sustainable and thoughtful way to use every single element of the wooden kit!

Creating The Functional Space, Serving Its Owners To The Fullest

Our primary goal at is to provide our customers with the most functional prefabricated wooden building solutions for residential and non-residential purposes. No wonder that our customers often require some modifications of the basic model, and we highly encourage them to express their needs or desires regarding the adjustments or extras for their selected wooden house in order for the final result to be impeccable.

There were some changes made to Juergen’s selected residential cabin as well. A dedicated construction plot is located on a campsite; thus, it is relatively narrow (approx. 9 m). Due to this reason, the entrance of the house was moved from the side to the front. The layout of the house was modified as well, and one bedroom was “lost” as a result, however, it has turned into a great walk-in wardrobe and reception area. According to Juergen's requirement, the bathroom and kitchen were positioned next to each other which has resulted in a greatly simplified sanitary installation. A win-win situation! 

The technical characteristics below provide a more specific and in-depth list of changes and modifications to the standard model.

Let’s get technical!

Juergen was looking for a comfortable and affordable house for primary living for him and his wife, Andrea. After evaluating different product alternatives, the owners chose our charming log cabin house DONNA with a spacious covered terrace. The standard model has been slightly modified to perfectly match the functional and aesthetic needs of the owners.  

• Log Cabin House DONNA (44 mm), 63 m² With 11.5 m² Terrace (the main residence)
• Garden Log Cabin DREUX (44 mm), 4m x 3m (13'x10'), 12 m² (a small wooden cabin for lounging)

Modifications (for the main residence)
• Changed position of entrance doors (moved from side to front). The standard entrance doors were replaced with a Spanish-made stable door (a door divided into two parts, where the upper part can be opened independently of the lower part).
• A slight modification of the cabin’s layout (one bedroom was "lost" due to the moved entrance and is being used as reception area and a walk-in closet instead).
• Bathroom and kitchen were positioned next to each other, which has resulted in a greatly simplified sanitary system installation.
• The window parapets in the entire house were raised by approx. 12 cm (the equivalent of a beam width). As a result, the overall height of the house was increased, providing a feeling of more spaciousness.
• Two of the windows that reached down to the floor were replaced by regular size windows to provide additional floor space. One window was removed to create a wall for a large TV set.

• Exterior wood treatment against humidity (Chestnut)
• Canopy

Finding a perfect residential wooden house to comfortably settle in could be quite a challenge – if you would like to explore similar solutions to the one described in this customer story, do not hesitate to contact us as the selection process is much easier with a qualified specialist on board! If you want to learn more about the construction process, model characteristics, assembly or anything else, do let us know - call us 02070994301 or write us [email protected]


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