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John's log cabin (Barnsley)

John and Sue from Barnsley had some extra space in their garden and wanted to use as much of it as possible. They wanted something really quick and without the need to apply for planning permission; and so they chose the log cabin OAK – which at less than 30 square metres and with a ridge height lower than 2.5 metres is perfect for anyone who does not want to apply for planning permission!

John had thought of using our professional builders team, but after taking a look at the installation instructions, he decided he would do it himself. After finishing the assembly, he commented that “it was really easy, like building a 3D jigsaw”.

John decided to split the cabin into two parts, turning one part into a workshop, where he can work with his tools, and another part into an office, where he can do his paperwork, look at the news or simply relax. If you are also thinking of upgrading your garden and do not want to apply for planning permission, the log cabin  OAK is the perfect choice for you!

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