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Why Insulated Log Cabins Are Worth Your Money

Recently homeowners have become more aware of the significance of good insulation. Although, it has always been said that one should do one’s bit for the planet, there is more to this sudden interest than just a greener planet. With the key concern of homeowners being perhaps the increasing cost of energy bills with no end in sight, it is important to reduce on spending as much as possible. The better insulated your house is, the less energy you use which lowers energy bills.

When talking about insulation, why do we never mention log homes? A gigantic range of fully insulated log cabins are available at extremely competitive rates and people all across the globe are finding their comfort and peace of mind in them. Here we discuss further the benefits of insulated log houses and why they are worth the investment.

You may find it surprising, but adding insulation to a log house makes them energy efficient. Log home insulation is considered one of the most effective energy saving techniques. In addition, insulation is a main contributor in reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas. It also helps to decrease heat loss in winters and heat gain in summers and as a result, you get a much more comfortable living environment within the house and a decrease in heating costs by up to as much as 40%, with the reduced risk of damp walls and condensation.

Log cabin insulation can also help you improve the aesthetics of a log house. A wide range of coloured renders and specialist finishes are available. The log cabins available these days are fully insulated, but if you are living in an older log home and are considering insulation then also getting insulation is simple, quick and hassle free. You may be surprised to know that external walls account for 35% of heat loss, and by properly insulating your home you can save more than a ton of carbon dioxide over the average life of the log cabin.

Uninsulated log cabins have cavities, so heat can easily escape; this means you will need more fuel to get a warm and comfortable living atmosphere. Insulation decreases heat loss, helping you cut down the amount of fuel needed to maintain a comfortable temperature. Moreover, unlike a stone or block wall, logs are very good at storing heat. During the daytime logs in a log cabin wall absorb heat up to the temperature of the air present in the cabin, and during the night when the house temperature is lowered, they give back heat in the rooms until the temperature is stable again. As a result, you can use them all year long for a variety of purposes, safe in the knowledge that the log cabin will have a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Another important benefit derived from log home insulation is related with moisture. Have you ever thought where the moisture of the house goes when the walls of a house are of solid wood? The moisture tries to get out and if there are cracks in the logs then it might possibly do that. The tendency of moisture in the air to move outside has been used in the past to insulate log cabins. In the areas where temperature gets really low in winters, it was a popular approach to seal the house from the inside. During winters, the air inside your house has a higher moisture content compared to the air outside the house. This moisture will try to move outside through small openings or cracks, and can even filter through materials like drywall. As soon as the moisture is in contact with the cold air condensation occurs.

By insulating the walls, this movement of moisture is decreased, which helps in reducing the condensation. Insulated log cabins also reduce heat build-up during summers. Generally, for people who live in traditional houses, especially in areas where the temperature can get really high, insulated log houses are of great help as they help maintain comfortable interiors. So, no matter how hot it is outside, you can enjoy a moderate temperature and comfy surroundings inside your log cabin. Insulation ensures that the outer warm air remains outside and that you enjoy the temperate surroundings.

Another benefit of insulation is that it doesn’t require any maintenance, unlike heating and cooling devices. Have you ever heard of any log homeowner taking measures to maintain the insulation material? Mostly, the insulation material is installed by professionals and it remains intact until its natural life comes to an end. Furthermore, if something happens, you just have to upgrade or replace the insulation material. Also, there is little or no disruption to the homeowner during the application. This means that using insulation is a no hassles affair.

Insulated log cabins help you cut down your energy bill, so if you have been looking for ways to reduce your expenses then you can invest in these structures and if you think buying insulated log houses will be a heavy burden on your finances, then, rather than considering it an expense, you should consider it an investment as insulation pays for itself in around 5-6 years. There are also environmental benefits of these cabins. A well-insulated house requires less heat to keep it warm and in turn results in considerably less carbon being released into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels which is a major cause of global warming.

So, don’t hesitate, buy an insulated log cabin now and benefit from all the advantages it has to offer. Invest in a structure that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also presents the owner with an array of benefits. Living in an insulated log cabin has its own benefits as well as providing a unique experience; investing in one means you are contributing to making our planet greener and better. You can place your order online.

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