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Insulated Log Cabin for Kittens!

Nica log cabin with flowerboxNicola from Charlbury needed a place to accommodate her cute kittens which would also fit in her garden. So the Nica insulated log cabin 5m by 5m was the perfect option, as it fitted into her garden perfectly. photo 1Nicola needed to have 3 rooms, so the layout of the cabin was modified accordingly. As the kittens were to live in the insulated log cabin all year round it had to warm, so the twin skin fully insulated structure with double-glazed windows and doors option was chosen. w (7)w (6)w (5)w (4)After the cabin arrived, it was installed in two days, treated and the kittens were ready for their new accommodation (What a lovely ones, aren't they?). We want to say a special thanks to Nicola for the pictures and the positive feedback about the insulated log cabin.

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