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Insulated Garden Buildings for All Seasons

Insulated garden buildings are highly recommended and lucrative investments. Log cabins, garden rooms, and wooden garages are just a few of the garden structures that must have proper and extensive insulation. Constructing a garden building with log or timber materials is useless if you do not invest in pre-treatment that insulate the structure from top to bottom. Insulated garden buildings are ideal to live in regardless of the season; these remarkable structures can accommodate you all year-round.

Insulated Garden Buildings for Energy Efficiency

Garden buildings from log or timber materials could be pre-cut or site-built, depending on the needs and preferences of the owner. Modern log homes, garden rooms, or wooden garages are customizable in terms of design and feature. Insulated garden buildings are a very popular option due to their additional benefits, especially when it comes to energy efficiency.

What are the factors that make insulated garden buildings energy efficient?

There are several factors which make a garden building energy efficient due to proper insulation:

   *  The R-Value of Timber or Wood

The R-value of a particular material such as wood or timber is the measurement of its ability to resist heat flow or thermal resistance. Solid logs in most insulated garden buildings offer insulation and structure with an R-value ranging between 1.41 an inch and 0.71 an inch for softwood and hardwood, respectively. It helps to note that logs function like “thermal batteries” allowing them to store heat during the day, eventually releasing the heat at night. During days when there is a mild and sunny climate, the R-value of logs generally increases. These are conditions when the climate has a substantial swing of temperature from day to night.

   *  Moisture Control

The best thing about insulated garden buildings is that the materials have the capacity to control moisture. Trees absorb a substantial amount of water while they grow and the cells of the trees likewise have the same absorption capacity. Tree cells, therefore, readily absorb water even after the wood is completely dry. Thus, garden buildings built with log or timber materials are hydroscopic meaning they can quickly absorb water, promoting insect infestation and wood rot. Due to this property, log protection is a strong recommendation, especially for the portions that have frequent exposure to water or moisture. One of the methods for moisture control is the use of insecticide-treated and waterproof logs, which must receive periodic treatment. These logs make insulated garden buildings as well.

   *  Minimum Air Leakage

Logs and timber shrink or expand, depending on the environment and temperature around them. Moreover, air-dried logs may still have 15% to 20% water during the assembly or construction of the building. Logs shrink over time, particularly over the next several years while they may also contract or expand, creating open gaps between the materials. The tendency of wood or timber to shrink or expand contributes to air leakage, in turn, contributing to higher heating and cooling requirements. Seasoned logs are the answer to making insulated garden buildings and minimizing air leaks. This type of logs or timber dries up in a protected area or space for at least 6 months before the start of construction.

The ideal wood for insulated garden buildings includes cedar, fir, larch, pine, and spruce. Log manufacturers also kiln dry their materials due to the shrinkage of logs and related air leakage problems. Manufacturers dry their materials before finish shaping and installation. Treatments such as caulking compounds and plastic gaskets seal the gaps and minimize air leaks in insulated garden buildings.

Health Benefits of Insulated Garden Buildings

The encompassing benefits of garden buildings with proper insulation are more than you could ever hope for. Insulated garden buildings have positive effects on your physical and mental well-being. Wood or timber offers numerous health benefits particularly in regulating normal body temperature while providing a natural living environment. As the name implies, insulated garden buildings enjoy a remarkable location with nature as your natural backdrop. It offers a calm and peaceful environment, away from the buzz, pollution, and crowd of the city.


You feel fresh because nature has a way of rejuvenating and revitalizing both body and mind. Many garden building owners experience less respiratory problems because timber structures also supply clean air. There is a reduction of health-related concerns when you live in a comfortable garden building such as heart diseases, digestive problems, hypertension, and pulmonary problems.

Insulated Garden Buildings are Budget Savers

One of the top reasons why insulated garden buildings are lucrative investments is that these structures are cost-efficient. Due to proper insulation, there is no longer the need for you to frequently use your HVAC system. You can skip the air-conditioning and heating systems inside the house because insulation means proper temperature regulation. The interiors of insulated garden buildings stay cool during summer and warm during winter. Moreover, logs or timbers are more practical than conventional materials such as concrete and metal. Most garden buildings such as garden rooms and wooden garages also have simple foundations and easy installation requirements. It saves you costs, time, and energy to invest in this type of structure rather than when you go for concrete buildings.

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Customizable Features and Designs

You can easily customize or make significant changes in insulated garden buildings even when the construction is ongoing. Wood or timber is a resilient material, thus it is easy to modify, unlike concrete and metal that you would have to make major changes if you decide to customize during construction. There are also numerous design layouts and blueprints available that you can use as reference or inspiration in creating or planning out your dream garden building. Proper installation is applicable with periodic maintenance requirements to help you save time, money, and energy.

Insulated garden buildings such as log cabins, wooden garages, and garden rooms are accessible and functional for all seasons. You can stay in your garden building most times of the year or just convert it to your primary place of abode. Proper insulation makes your garden buildings habitable and liveable throughout the year.

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