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Inspiring Tips To Spruce Up Your Garden House Front Porch

The porch is a relaxing space in the home. It is where you sit and watch the sun go down as you take in the orange that takes over the sky at sunset. It is where you first meet your guests as you invite them in for a cup of tea. This is the spot where you stand as you wave goodbye to your loved ones. You spend a lot of time there, and you have probably noticed that it needs some work. It could be that the paint is peeling off. Maybe the look is now old, and you need something fresh to match with the interior décor. Porches in residential log cabins are easy to work on, as most efforts will fall in line with nature. And the good thing is that the work will not cost you much, and it can work for any home. Here’s how:


This idea might seem a bit off. After all, the porch should be inviting and full of light. But how comfortable can you be with the sun hitting your face at all angles? How enjoyable can the porch be if you have to keep shifting from one place to the other in search of shade? You can add beauty and comfort to your space by using drapes. All you have to do is to get colourful fabrics from the store and head to the tailor. Use the material to make drapes, ensuring that they will touch the floor. If not, the curtains will not be appealing and will appear to be cheap.

Most people think of seat cushions and pillows when they want to spruce up the porch. They enable you to feel comfortable while adding to the beauty of the space. As you get fabrics for your curtains, look at what else is on offer. It would help if you worked with a theme; else, you will have a lot going on and will end up with a busy porch.

A Fan

While you may be outside, there is no guarantee that you will be cool all the while. It is thus best to have a fan, especially during the summer, to keep the temperatures at a comfortable level. You can enjoy sitting out as you catch up with friends, books, and movies. Sipping a cup of tea under the fan will be worth the effort.


Maybe all you need is a fresh coat of paint, and the porch will regain its lost allure. In some cases, everything may be in place, and the only thing standing in the way is that old coat of paint. Here, all you need is some money to get a can of paint from the store. You could have someone do the painting on your behalf. If you are into DIY or would like to try, there are tons of tutorials that teach you how to paint exterior surfaces.

Ensure that you choose a colour that works with your home. For residential log cabins, it always helps to go with colours that match the natural vibe of the house. Start by working on the ceiling as you move down the walls and finish with the floors. Note that you do not have to stick to natural hues. Feel free to work with patterns or other such options. However, if you choose to use patterns, note that you will have limitations when it comes to fabrics.


With a spruced up porch, you are likely to spend a lot of time outdoors. As such, you will need lighting that works with the calm ambiance of your new hangout spot. You can work with many options in this regard. String lights are non-disruptive, and they provide the illumination needed for those new moon days. They also create a relaxing space where you can sit and stare at the stars for hours on end. You will be glad you have the drapes once the winds start howling and hitting at you in the cold months.

A Swing

A swing adds to the relaxed feel of the porch. Plus, it allows you to be comfortable as you gaze out at nature and take in the fresh scent of freshly cut grass. It is a classic look that will never get old. Here, you have two options.

On the one hand, you could look up designs and create the swing by yourself. On the other hand, you can get one at a store. Both options work as long as you ensure that the swing has adequate support from the necessary beams. The last thing you want is to put you and your guests at risk of toppling over while on the swing.

Do not stop there, you could move on to getting pillows for the swing. The fabrics can be in as many colours as the style of the swing allows. Also, take the colour of the floor and walls into account.


Do you need to cover the floor on your porch? Well, yes and no. Many benefits come from covering the floor. For one, you can match the carpet to your style, and this helps in bringing the look together. Also, you can use the carpet as a focal point and work on building your design from it. In this way, everything else that comes into your space will work on enhancing the carpet. Furthermore, having a carpet in place adds to the comfortable feel of the space and makes it feel welcoming. Couple the carpet with cushions, furnishings, and other such pieces, and the porch will look fantastic.


Finally, it helps to have a fresh look regarding the furniture you have in place. Suppose you have some metal pieces in place, you do not have to give them away and buy more. The key here is to save money while not compromising on the beauty of your space. As such, painting the old pieces to match the accessories would work. When selecting hues, make sure that you choose options that are in line with your theme.

There you have it! Sprucing up your front porch is an easy way to beautify your home. And with these tips, you will not have to reach far into your pocket to achieve your dream look.

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